Comedy Sportz

The preparation of final exams, papers, presentations, and moving out of the dorms made my last two weeks of class stressful and anxiety producing. When I heard about the Comedy Sportz show, I was intrigued and skeptical to know more about what it was. I was not disappointed and thankful that I decided to go to the Comedy Sportz show. The show was performed on Saturday, May 6, in the Frey theater at 7 p.m. The actors were from St. Kate’s and St. Continue Reading →

A deeper look into the Deaf culture on campus

St. Kate’s is highly regarded in the Deaf community. It is also a huge draw for prospective students seeking to study American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting. Walking around the St. Kate’s campus, it seems as if we have a pretty diverse campus, and many schools around the U.S. advertise to prospective students as diverse. Continue Reading →

Campus Ministry helps homeless population in Denver, Colorado

This Spring Break, Campus Ministry held the Denver Immersion Trip to Denver, CO. The purpose of this trip was to bring students to work with Denver’s homeless population. The students who went on the trip found this to be an opportunity to apply what they have learned about social justice in the classroom to the real world. “We learned about these issues in class, but this was first hand. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who was interested in getting an eye-opening, real world experience,” said Leah Bates ’20, pre-nursing major. Continue Reading →

This year’s Catherine’s Monologues

Catherine’s Monologues hosted many talented and passionate students whose work inspired a lot of creative thinking on important issues this year. The Monologues gave the students a way to express their concerns on contemporary issues in an artistic setting. Each performer tackled a tough issue that was personal to them and had affected them in some way. Not all of the writers performed their own monologue and some writers decided to remain anonymous. When talking with Jordan Lena, one of the performers, she told me “ These authors bared their souls through these Monologues and many of them published anonymously because of this. Continue Reading →

Five Graduating Seniors of 2017: Ikram Koliso

Ikram Koliso, a Social Work and Public Health double-major, is a very well-known member of St. Kate’s graduating class of 2017. She has been an active member the St. Kate’s community all of her four years here and just won the Mary E. McCahill award, the University’s highest award. Because graduation is coming up in a few short weeks, The Wheel is asking graduating students, such as Ikram, about their St. Continue Reading →

Five Graduating Seniors of 2017: Alexa Harnagel

Alexa Harnagel is the second graduating senior of 2017 we are highlighting in this series. This innovative, passionate chemistry major has been extremely active in the St. Kate’s community during her past four years, and they have some pretty big plans for next year. Because graduation is coming up in a few short weeks, The Wheel is asking graduating students, such as Alexa, about their St. Kate’s journey and what the future holds for them. Continue Reading →

The visions of newly elected Senate members

The Senate election result for 2017-2018 academic year is in! Students voted and their voices were heard. Seats on the ballot were: Senate president, senate chair, sophomore representatives, junior representatives, senior representatives, and resident senators, commuter senators, international senator, and student parent senator. Some of the candidates are presented here. Biftu Bussa, Senate President

A junior at St. Continue Reading →