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Putting green of dreams

By Maggie Weiss

With the end of this winter now behind us and various items of winter clothing put away for the season, it’s time to welcome the spring with relieved, open arms, and no one is as happy as the St. Kate’s golf team. This year, the golf team has really come into their own in the wake of last season; it is clear that they have greatly improved, with their noted second-place finish at the St. Thomas Invite on April 12 as part of the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC). Whilst playing the fairways and greens in Becker, Minnesota, the Wildcats edged in six strokes behind their St. Continue Reading →

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Exercise dilemma

What is the best gym class for me? By Sean McInerney, Staff Writer

Are you one credit short of fulfilling a gym requirement? That’s the thousand dollar question, but waiting until next school year to fulfill this credit will cause the price to double. This summer will be the best time to get that credit out of the way, because it is the last term one-credit gym classes will be offered at St. Kate’s. Continue Reading →

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Cooking with Kylie

By Kylie White, Staff Writer

It’s six o’clock and you’ve just gotten done for the day. Work, classes and club duties are all behind you – except dinner. Oh, that. You should probably cook something, but it’ll take forever, right? Wrong! Continue Reading →

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Give us your blood

Student Nursing Association hosts blood drive
By Nusaiba Imady, Managing Editor

According to the American Red Cross, every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. This means that in the time it takes to read this article, an average of 90 people will need a blood transfusion. On Wednesday, April 16, the Student Nursing Association (SNA) hosted a blood drive in collaboration with the American Red Cross. “We usually host two blood drives; one in the fall and one in the spring. In the spring, it’s harder because more people get sick from the cold,” Justine De Jesus, SNA member and blood drive organizer, said. Continue Reading →

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Who’s who at SCU

Get to know Larkin Scholla, Resident Adviser
By Amanda McDonald, Staff Writer

Larkin Scholla (‘15) is a Resident Adviser (RA) within Stanton Hall. She is one of the few who have lived in Stanton for three years. Scholla is a junior majoring in accounting and considering a career in forensic accounting. If you see her in Stanton, then you’ve probably caught her baking in the kitchen because she loves to make food. Her residents can benefit greatly from having an RA that likes to prepare food for them. Continue Reading →

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Club corner: Advocating for Animals

By Briana Berner, Social Media Manager

The Advocating for Animals (AFA) club has been extremely active on campus this year and many of you have probably come into contact with a member handing out pamphlets in the Cour de Catherine (CdC) at one time or another. The club does a lot more than hand out pamphlets though, they’ve held vegan bake sales and cooking classes, visited nearby animal sanctuaries like Minneapolis based Chicken Run, organized potlucks and movie screenings and made lots of headway on their Meatless Monday campaign. The club was created years ago to address the issues of mistreated cats and dogs and advocate for pet welfare in various forms. AFA members worked with the Humane Society and did things like donating used and excess Wheel papers to animal shelters to make sure that the animals had things to sleep on. Although they surely haven’t forgotten dogs and cats, the club recently shifted its focus to the underrepresented plight of farm animals and revamped activities to address this and similar issues. AFA is dedicated to raising awareness about inhumane farming practices and all other animal concerns and provides a welcoming environment where any curious citizen can learn more. Continue Reading →

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Traveling in style: Which type of travel is best?

This semester I have experienced three different types of travel: traveling with a group, traveling with a friend and traveling by myself. Each option has its pros and cons. I will compare these travel types based on the traveling I am doing over spring break. The best part of group travel is that all the details are taken care of ahead of time. I spent a week visiting Galway and Dublin in Ireland with my study abroad program, so all fees and schedules were managed in advance. Continue Reading →

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Bindis, headdresses and tribal print! Oh my! This year’s trends rolled out of everyone’s favorite overpriced music festival and have not failed to offend, belittle and overall just degrade entire groups of people and their cultural traditions. Why respect someone when their heritage is on sale at Urban Outfitters for $50? (Ooooh! Continue Reading →

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Letter to the editor: Silence is deadly

By Shannon Houska

Fellow Katie’s staff, faculty, classmates and friends,

I am sharing the personal story of my HIV diagnosis and the impact it had on my life because I want to help people who feel silenced and shamed to feel encouraged to get the support and assistance they need to lead happier lives. This is the story of how I came to my commitment to co-lead a team of fundraisers for the upcoming Minnesota AIDS Walk 2014. Silence is deadly. I remained silent about something that matters too much for a very long time. Keeping silent about my HIV positive status left me to suffer alone, ashamed and without hope. Continue Reading →

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