Club corner: Advocating for Animals

By Briana Berner, Social Media Manager

The Advocating for Animals (AFA) club has been extremely active on campus this year and many of you have probably come into contact with a member handing out pamphlets in the Cour de Catherine (CdC) at one time or another. The club does a lot more than hand out pamphlets though, they’ve held vegan bake sales and cooking classes, visited nearby animal sanctuaries like Minneapolis based Chicken Run, organized potlucks and movie screenings and made lots of headway on their Meatless Monday campaign.

The club was created years ago to address the issues of mistreated cats and dogs and advocate for pet welfare in various forms. AFA members worked with the Humane Society and did things like donating used and excess Wheel papers to animal shelters to make sure that the animals had things to sleep on. Although they surely haven’t forgotten dogs and cats, the club recently shifted its focus to the underrepresented plight of farm animals and revamped activities to address this and similar issues.

AFA is dedicated to raising awareness about inhumane farming practices and all other animal concerns and provides a welcoming environment where any curious citizen can learn more. Members hand out informational pamphlets both on and off of campus and have built community ties with other animal interest groups such as Compassionate Action For Animals. Last semester they worked hard to promote Meatless Mondays, a global movement that asks people to refrain from eating meat for just one day a week in order to benefit their personal health and the environment. As a result of their work, Sodexo helped St. Kate’s to join the movement by instating Meatless Mondays in the cafeteria.

Although their bake sales and potlucks always feature vegan foods, you sure don’t have to be a vegan to join the club. If you love animals and are interested in learning more about what you can do to help them then this group is definitely something that you should look into.

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