Exercise dilemma

What is the best gym class for me?
By Sean McInerney, Staff Writer

Are you one credit short of fulfilling a gym requirement? That’s the thousand dollar question, but waiting until next school year to fulfill this credit will cause the price to double. This summer will be the best time to get that credit out of the way, because it is the last term one-credit gym classes will be offered at St. Kate’s. In order to accommodate those who only have one gym credit thus far, two sections of Weight Training and Conditioning will be available in the summertime.

In the fall of 2014, the only 1000-level exercise class available will be Women’s Fitness and Wellness (EXSS 1100). It will be one semester long, as opposed to the one credit gym courses, which were only half a semester in duration. The new gym course is designed to be a lecture and lab, through which students learn cardio-respiratory fitness, strength training, stress management and nutrition. The class implements a pre- and post-assessment of fitness, and students are required to participate in two activity sessions outside the classroom, which require visiting a health club and writing a follow up report.

“We felt that a more lifelong, holistic course is better suited for today’s student,” Mark Blegen, department chair of Nutrition and Exercise Science, said. “The new course focuses not only on exercise and nutrition, but also stress, finances and other topics that encompass wellness.”
Although administration feels the new course is a more holistic choice, some students express their concern about less variety now that one credit courses are no longer offered.

“I really liked my one credit self-defense class,” Kellie Koball ‘14, social work major, said. “Self-defense is an important topic and [it] should be covered in this two credit gym class.”

Classes besides self-defense that will no longer be offered also include: First Aid and CPR (1001), Swimming (1003), Total Body Fitness (1004), Weight Training and Conditioning (1005), Stress Management Strategies (1006), Tennis (1007), Aerobics with Soul (1014) and Fitness for Living (1016).

“I liked my Stress Management Strategies class, and am glad the two credit classes will still include this in the course,” Courtney Donelson ‘15, sociology major, said. “But I feel like only offering one gym class to fulfill the core requirement is limiting.”

Other students find it easier that the Women’s Fitness and Wellness course will be a one stop shop to meeting a gym requirement.

“I had to take two different one credit gym courses,” Annette Hayes ‘15, biology major, said. “It will be much easier to just take one class and get that requirement out of the way.”

A student may also take a gym class at a community college but should check out the course equivalency tool online to make sure the credit transfers. One credit gym classes are no longer offered at Hamline or St. Thomas, and although there will be some one credit study abroad gym courses, they will be counted as electives.

Nonetheless, taking Women’s Fitness and Wellness at St.Kate’s, although more expensive, will ensure a professor who is enthused about the subject.

“I do enjoy teaching the class,” Cami Paulson, professor of Women’s Fitness and Wellness, said. “It has been a wonderful opportunity.”

Sean can be reached at scmcinerney@stkate.edu.

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