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Get to know Larkin Scholla, Resident Adviser
By Amanda McDonald, Staff Writer

Larkin Scholla (‘15) is a Resident Adviser (RA) within Stanton Hall. She is one of the few who have lived in Stanton for three years. Scholla is a junior majoring in accounting and considering a career in forensic accounting. If you see her in Stanton, then you’ve probably caught her baking in the kitchen because she loves to make food. Her residents can benefit greatly from having an RA that likes to prepare food for them.

“She’s going to open up her own bakery someday. And I’m going to be her business partner, but I’m not going to do any work,” Scholla’s friend, Lindsay Borkin ‘15 said.

If she’s freaking out or stressing over finals, play some “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain and she’ll probably calm down. Without her mom, Scholla may have never heard of being an RA.

“My mom actually [suggested become an RA] in high school,” Scholla said. “And I was like sure, I don’t know what that means, but let’s do it. And it was awesome.”

Scholla thought the responsibilities and tasks associated with the job were pretty cool, so she was intrigued by the idea, Scholla applied for the position during her first year at St. Kate’s. She didn’t get the job right away but lo and behold she was later offered the position.
“I got a call over the summer, asking if I would be willing to take a spot that someone else did not want and I was like ‘Heck-to-the-yes!’ So then I was an RA and it was awesome,” Scholla said. That was in 2012 and she has been an RA since.

During her first year as a resident adviser, Scholla loved how everyone kept their door open so residents could get more of a homey sense of Stanton and who they lived next to. Scholla’s second year of residents did not disappoint her.

“It’s fun to get to know a bunch of people,” Scholla said. “And as much as you try to teach your residents things, like helping them live life, they help you live life, too. It’s just a great experience.”

This year, Scholla and Hannah Young ‘16, who can be described as a mixture between Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in “The Heat” and Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in “Ride Along,” are keeping an eye on Stanton. They both have serious sides to get business done, but they also have a humorous side that makes them easily approachable. Many may not know that Scholla and Young are actually good friends aside from being co-workers.

“She’s always there when I need her: knocking on her door ferociously,” Young said. “She’s very good to talk to and she helps me reason through all my problems.”

Even though Scholla enjoys being an RA, she has decided to be a program coordinator next year. This position will cause her to live in an apartment in St. Mary’s. It will also consist of creating activities for residents around campus.

“So all the big banners you see in the hallways: the Twins games, the Target trips, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll plan that stuff,” added Larkin. Asking her to create an activity that involves “One Tree Hill” will definitely earn you brownie points with her. However, if you have any other ideas for building activities, don’t hesitate to hunt her down.

Amanda can be reached at acmcdonald@stkate.edu.

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