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Wheel to roll out new website in fall 2014

Look out, Internet world—The Wheel is on its way. During the summer of 2014, The Wheel will be transitioning from a biweekly printed newspaper to a daily online publication. The online move will be cost effective, and most importantly, it will allow The Wheel to reach the entire St. Kate’s community—particularly students of all academic programs—more effectively. With the online transition, The Wheel’s staffing needs are increasing. Continue Reading →

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Voldemort Defeat Day

“Harry saw Voldemort’s green jet meet his own spell, saw the Elder Wand fly high…spinning through the air toward the master it would not kill, who had come to take full possession of it at last.” This quote from J.K. Rowling’s illustrious novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, commemorates Harry Potter’s victory over the vindictive Lord Voldemort. On May 2, Muggles (and wizards) alike came together to commemorate this notorious defeat of the infamous Lord Voldemort.  Voldemort Defeat Day, celebrated annually by the English Club and Gryffindor Tower incorporates many events to honor the triumph of Harry Potter in the seventh novel of J.K. Rowling’s notable series.  Some of these events include a scavenger hunt for Horcruxes and British food incorporated into the cafeteria food. This year the cafeteria served shepherds pie as tribute.  In addition to this, the English Club handed out Voldemort Defeat Day buttons to bring further attention to the victory of Harry Potter over Lord Voldemort.  The English Club also collaborated with St. Catherine University’s Gryffindor Tower as their common interest in the defeat of Lord Voldemort assists with the festivities and participation of Voldemort Defeat Day.  In addition to the interest brought to this event by Gryffindor Tower and the English Club, the festivities were also mentioned on Minnesota Public Radio as a large amount of public curiosity assisted in the excitement of the day. Sarah Molland, a leader in the English Club, reported on the outcome of Voldemort Defeat Day. Continue Reading →

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A night of cultural appreciation: SCISO’s 37th annual International Potluck

On April 26, the St. Kate’s International Students Organization (SCISO) held its 37th annual International Potluck in the Rauenhorst Ballroom. The International Potluck is a fun event held at St. Kate’s every year filled with tasty global dishes, nonstop entertainment and an educational experience. This year’s potluck was especially important since a tribute to Nelson Mandela was presented, honoring all he had accomplished in his lifetime . Continue Reading →

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Essentials for summer

Get out the SPF 800 sunblock. It is going to be summer soon, St. Kate’s, and that means we’re going to need to stock up on a few things. Keep in mind that summer requires lightweight, versatile pieces that can be thrown together and mixed and matched with ease. After we are done with the pastels of spring we are going to need some major changes to our wardrobes, and the most important item for summer is the maxi dress. Continue Reading →

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A century of celebrating mothers

This year Mother’s Day was celebrated on Sunday, May 11 in the United States. Mother’s Day is most commonly known in the United States, as well as in countries around the world, as a day of celebrating mothers, motherhood and maternal bonds. The first modern Mother’s Day celebration in the United States was held in 1908 by Anna Jarvis who celebrated her mother in Grafton, West Virginia. President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day an official national holiday in 1914. Mother’s Day does not solely pay tribute to mothers but also grandmothers, aunts, sisters, or various maternal figures in people’s lives. Continue Reading →

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Jelly Beans for Cheetas: Students participate in an internship at publishing company, SissyMarySue

By Maggie Weiss

One of the best college experiences that prepares students for the outside world is an internship. The best part about an internship is that students can work almost anywhere to get experience needed for the future. For a group of St. Kate’s students, working for local publishing company SissyMarySue is the greatest place to be. Wendy Muhlhauser, the owner of SissyMarySue, is in charge of the project, and is responsible for giving so many St. Continue Reading →

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Graduating senior profile: Senior Anna Hayes

Anna Hayes, a senior here at St. Kate’s, is preparing to walk across the stage at the graduation ceremony in a few weeks. She has great plans for the future and had a rich experience during her four years as a Katie. Hayes’s favorite experiences in college were being on the orientation team, being a part of Relay for Life, attending the Dew Drop Bop in celebration of the end of the school year and being engaged in all of her classes and coursework. “Overall, I just love the atmosphere here at St. Continue Reading →

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Star light, Fulbright: St. Kate’s Alumna, Mysee Chang, awarded Fulbright teaching fellowship

By Katie Bowden

In transitioning from young woman to teacher, the journey is not always easy. Recent graduate Mysee Chang (May 2013) often heard the message that she was merely a minority, low-income and not white. With the help of her major adviser Dr. Sharon Doherty, minor adviser Dr. Hui Wilcox and  St. Kate’s Dean Alan Silva, she was able to unlearn these negative messages and move on to win a Fulbright as an English Teaching Assistant (ETA). The Fulbright ETA, one of many competitive and prestigious fellowships offered in the United States, consists of an application process that takes from six months to a year. Continue Reading →

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