Meet The Wheel Staff: Maggie Weiss

Maggie WeissName: Maggie Weiss

Position: Multimedia Journalist

Year: Super Duper Senior

Major/minor: English major; Communication Studies and Music Studies minors

Hometown: Hastings, Minn. All you do is follow the Mississippi River downstream and look for the terra cotta-colored bridge. You can’t miss it!

Favorite St. Kate’s event: Trips with the St. Kate’s Activities Team or Residence Life; it’s always nice to get off campus. I also love going to on-campus movies, and you can usually see me at one of those, too.

Most productive study spot: The stacks in the library, especially during finals. People aren’t usually very loud in there. I also like the O’Neill Center, which has a more productive vibe, and I can get help when I need it.

Favorite store near campus: Barnes and Noble, which is just a quick walk down the street and has a Starbucks next door. I also like Half Price Books because I can get movies there for less than ten dollars most of the time.

Most used cell phone app: This summer, I started using an exercise app called “Zombies, Run!” Your designation is Able Township Runner Five, and it is up to you to save the human race. You listen to the story through your headphones while you jog, run or walk, and  your music is mixed in between broadcasts. There is even an option to enable zombie chases; if you’re chased by zombies, you have to speed up. You can also pick up supplies and tools to help build your base when you’re not running, walking, or jogging.

Best place to take a homework break: The Butler Center or Half Price Books

Maggie can be reached at

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