Meet The Wheel Staff: Jaimee Leibfried

JaimeeName: Jaimee Leibfried

Position: Assistant Editor

Year: Sophomore

Major/minor: Social Work/Philosophy

Hometown: Columbia Heights, Minn.

Favorite St. Kate’s event: My favorite event has to be Catherine’s Monologues. It is a spoken word event where a variety of students around campus submit writings and reflections of who they are, what they’ve experienced and/or how they view the world. Viewers get the chance to hear many different stories that are heart-warming, heart-breaking and life-giving. It really reminds you of all the different experiences that are out there and what a diverse pool of students we have at St. Catherine.

Most productive study spot: In my room around 1:30 p.m. with some instrumental music on!

Favorite restaurant near campus: Punch Pizza has fantastic Italian pizza, and they pay their employees enough to actually live off of, so they have my support 100 percent!

Most used cell phone app: It has to be a tie between Tumblr and my GPS navigation. Tumblr has some of the funniest, sassiest people I have ever encountered, and they crack me up. As for the GPS, I am horrible with directions and get lost everywhere I go. I don’t think it is ever closed on my phone!

Best place to take a homework break: There is a beautiful garden behind Whitby Hall that not too many people know about. It is secluded and is a great place to de-stress.

Jaimee can be reached at

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