Meet The Wheel Staff: Maggie Singerhouse

Name: Maggie Jean Singerhouse

Position: Assistant Editor

Year: Sophomore

Major/minor: Physics major; Biology and Math minors

Hometown: St. Croix Falls, Wis.

Favorite St. Kate’s event: Soccer games or Dew Drop Bop!

Most productive study spot: In one of those individual, sectioned-off desks in the library; that way there are fewer distractions!

Favorite restaurant or store near campus: I really love Snuffy’s on Cleveland Avenue. It is definitely a treat to go out to eat there; they have the best burgers and milk shakes.

Most used cell phone app: I use Instagram, A LOT. (Follow me! @singerhau5_) But, I find myself on Reddit a lot as well.

Best place to take a homework break: The best homework break for me is to go exercise. I love going for late afternoon runs, or long-boarding adventures in the Highland Park area and on trails near the river.

Maggie can be reached at

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