Meet The Wheel Staff: Erin Carey

ErinName: Erin Carey

Position: Multimedia Journalist

Year: Sophomore

Major/minor: English; Communications

Hometown: Mascoutah, Ill.

Favorite St. Kate’s Event: All of them! However, I am super excited for some of the movies the St. Kate’s Activities Team is playing in The Pulse this month.

Most productive study spot: Definitely the library. All of those little study cubicles are way too much fun.

Favorite store near campus: Probably Half Price Books just because I recently found a double feature of Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men that I am kind of freaking out about.

Most used cell phone app: Did you folks know that there is a Dear Abby app!?  That lady is just way too insightful to pass up.

Best place to take a homework break: Wherever there is free ice cream.

Erin can be reached at

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