Meet The Wheel Staff: Jessica Busch

JessicaName: Jessica Busch

Position: Multimedia Journalist

Year: Junior

Major/minor: Pre-nursing

Hometown: Sleepy Eye, Minn. (named after a Native American chief with a droopy eye)

Favorite St. Kate’s event: I am not sure yet, as I am new to St. Kate’s this year!

Most productive study spot: Any coffee shop, but I really like Hard Times Cafe on Riverside Avenue. The baristas usually have ponytails and beards, they have killer vegan muffins, the music is always loud and lively, and it’s open until 4 a.m.! It is perfect for late night studying.

Favorite restaurant or store near campus: I am on the Minneapolis Campus, so I like Afro Deli. It’s a good mix of African, American, and Mediterranean food. If you go, get the Chicken Fantastic. You will thank me later!

Most used cell phone app: It is a tie between Facebook and Instagram. I check it more than 20 times a day and it is the number one cause of procrastination, but I need to keep up with what my friends are doing!

Best place to take a homework break: CorePower Yoga! The best workouts are there and the instructors are amazing.

Jessica can be reached at

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