How to battle back to school concerns in an unconcerning way

Flipping through a planner, one can most likely see pages camouflaged with post-it notes and highlighted due dates. Students everywhere cannot help but get overwhelmed by a constant battle among commitments. The beginning of a new school year reveals the casualties involved when students attempt to balance school and work, all while maintaining a semblance of a social life, worrying about an ever-impending future, and possibly living in an unfamiliar environment. With the stress this clash often causes, it is no wonder students often become victim to a struggle among various obligations. In order to combat this anxiety, St. Kate’s comes fully equipped with a wide variety of resources available for students in search of assistance.

As J. K. Rowling wisely stated in her well-known novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.” Replace Hogwarts with St. Kate’s and you get the picture. In fact, help can be found on both campuses. Both the St. Paul Campus and the Minneapolis Campus offer counseling centers that are available to students finding themselves frazzled by pressures of any kind. Located in the Education Building on the Minneapolis Campus and in Derham Hall on the St. Paul Campus, the Counseling Center offers a wide variety of support for students suffering from apprehension, depression, irritation, homesickness, confusion,and many other concerns.

“We offer personal counseling for any reason you can imagine,” Linda Ovadia, a receptionist at the Counseling Center, said. Ms. Ovadia went on to note, “We have the best counselors in the world. We hire the best.”

This free and confidential service is made readily available for students as it is staffed with counselors available to help with short-term counseling, consultations, and referrals to community resources. With 40 percent of college students feeling an amount of stress that is above average, the Counseling Center proposes a solution through individual assistance and support (

“The Counseling Center was very helpful and is a great tool for students to utilize on campus,” said Chouree Lee, a student at St. Kate’s who visited the Counseling Center. Ms. Lee went on to say, “Everybody there is very warm and friendly.”

In addition to counseling centers offered on both campuses for mental support, both campuses also offer additional educational assistance through the O’Neill Center located on the St. Paul campus and the Learning Center located on the Minneapolis campus.

Maia Labrie, a writing tutor at the O’Neill Center, said, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s always helpful to get opinions.”

Open seven days a week, the O’Neill Center on the St. Paul campus provides free academic support to all students with questions about math, science, and writing while delivering a comforting learning environment complete with soothing music and a view of Dew Drop Pond.

Similarly, the Learning Center on the Minneapolis campus provides academic assistance to students in need of scholastic support. Furthermore, both centers offer aid for students with disabilities through Disabilities Services.

Grasping at straws while attempting to understand a psychology text, which seems to have been written for Merriam or Webster may seem frustrating, and attempting to ease the burden of a full course load in a foreign environment may seem daunting. Luckily, St. Kate’s offers a wide variety of resources to help any student wishing for assistance—as seen in the multitude of assets offered—through the counseling centers, the Learning Center, and the O’Neill Center.

Those who would like more information about the St. Paul Counseling Center can go to their office in Derham 330 or call 651-690-6805. More information about the Minneapolis Counseling Center can be found by visiting Room 359 in the Education Building or by calling 651-690-7830. Information for academic support on the St. Paul campus can be found by visiting the O’Neill Center in Room 20 of the CDC or by calling 651-690-6563. Academic support on the Minneapolis campus can be found in the Learning Center located in Room 370 of the Education Building or by calling 651-690-7832.

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