Dancing wildcats

Athletic teams at St. Kate’s are known for being committed, driven athletes who develop sisterly bonds as seasons progress. This especially rings true for the Wildcat’s dance team. The St. Kate’s Dance Team has two captains, senior Gabbi Lottie and sophomore Alexa Boderman. Together, these women are able to motivate the team to dance to their fullest potential, as well as develop strong bonds.

Gabbi Lottie

Year: Fourth
Major: Psychology and Occupational Therapy
Favorite restaurant near St. Kate’s: Lee Ann Chin’s or Dairy Queen

Gabbi Lottie, beginning her second year of captain ship for St. Kate’s Dance Team, has been in dance for 18 years. To motivate her team, she keeps a positive attitude and always makes sure to encourage them.

Second year dance team manager, Kayla Schneider, believes that Lottie makes for a superb captain.

“Gabbi is great because she has a lot of experience as a dancer. She’s also willing to go the extra-mile in being both a motivational captain and a trustworthy friend,” Schneider said.

Lottie’s favorite memory from her time on the St. Kate’s Dance Team was last year, when the team went to Disney World and danced at the ESPN center.

“Something about that experience was just great, and our choreography was in sync,” Lottie said.

Finding motivational inspiration in the film, Miracle, Lottie agrees with the strong words of coach Herb Brooks.

“The name on the front of the jersey is a hell of a lot more important than the name on the back,” Brooks said.

Looking to this upcoming season, Lottie has established a personal goal to help the team become closer, as well as exemplify constant, continuous improvement team-wide throughout the season.

Alexa Boderman

Year: Second
Major: Exercise and Sport Science
Favorite restaurant near St. Kate’s: Menchie’s

Alexa Boderman is the other of the two captains on the St. Kate’s dance team. This is Boderman’s first year as a captain in college, but she’s been dancing for 17 years.

Third-year and dance team member, Ali Seymour, has only good things to say about Boderman.

“Alexa makes a great captain because her love for dance is contagious. She really is a true Wildcat,” Seymour said.

While Seymour finds inspiration in Boderman’s enthusiasm for dance, Boderman finds inspiration in her teammates.

“I love being a part of something really great in the University, and getting close with all the girls- we’re like sisters,” Boderman said.

Boderman’s favorite motivational quote for dance is coined by dancer and choreographer Martha Graham.

“All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused,” Graham said.

For this next season, Boderman has some goals of her own for the team. She hopes to have the team improve in all aesthetics, such as visual effectiveness and choreography, and she also hopes her teammates grow as individuals, and as bonded team.

Both Lottie and Boderman agreed that the Jazz dance last year to the song “God Gave Me You” was their favorite. The captains felt that the team developed a tight connection during that dance, their choreography was on point, and their performance enveloped a lot of passion.

Both captains exemplify what it means to be a Katie. Their hard work and strong leadership skills can be actively viewed, be it at theatrical dance competitions or at enthusiastic half-time shows during sporting events. Be on the look out for Boderman and Lottie’s leadership at the team’s next competition.

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