The few, the proud, the undecided: Career Development Office aids students in choosing a major

One of the most important things one must do in their college career is to choose a major. This decision will determine your classes, your schedule, and most likely your future career…no pressure, right? For those college students out there, including me, who are undecided, it may seem like they’re the only one who is left grasping for the slightest inkling of what they want to do with their lives. Never fear! There are other undecided Katies out there, but sometimes they can be as hard to come by as unicorns. Shelby Batterson ’18 is one of these undecided unicorns.

Not knowing one’s major when already attending school is a major stressor that seems to be a constant reminder that the choice will need to be made at some point. In the midst of students who seem to know exactly what they are going to do with their lives, being undecided can sometimes make one feel alone in their indecision.

“Sometimes it makes you feel left out because you feel like everyone else has found a place…so you feel a little bit alone until you meet someone else who is undecided,” said Batterson.

Along with feeling out of place, with all of the majors St. Kate’s has to offer, it can be overwhelming at times to choose the best route to take. One of the biggest concerns is being able to find something interesting that can turn into a career down the road. According to Batterson, this is one of the main factors that make it difficult for her to choose a major.

“…You look at [the majors] and you go ‘Well, I’m interested in that; what I can do with it?’…I guess the other part is just once you pick it, it kind of feels like final…” Batterson said.

However, contrary to popular belief, picking a major does not always mean one has to go into the career path of that major.

“A common misconception is that once you pick a major, you’re stuck with whichever job it leads to. However, except for those positions that require a license or certificate, many majors offer flexibility in the job market. There are biology majors who work in IT, business majors in research positions, and so on,” said the Career Development Office (CDO) on their website.

The CDO offers many helpful services when it comes to picking a major, choosing a career and much more. One of the many things they offer is one-on-one career counselling. According to the St. Kate’s website, you can call and set up an appointment with a career counselor where you can discuss majors, careers and find internships. Simply call 651-690-8890 to make an appointment.

Another service offered is a test called the Strong Interest Inventory (SII). This is a test that judges what majors would be a good fit for students based on their responses. Internships are also a way for students to see what interests them because they are able to experience what it would be like to work in that career.

Students who want to ask a question in the CDO but do not feel that they need to make an appointment can feel free to drop by during walk-in hours; the staff are very friendly and helpful!

Picking a major may seem overwhelming, but the important thing to remember is there are people and resources available to help in the decision making process. It may take some time, but one day all of us unicorns will figure it out.

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