Purple people power: Why Katies should get involved in Citizen Katie

Free breakfast, friends, and fun.  On Saturday, Oct. 18, hundreds of Katies will unite in purple shirts and enthusiastic spirit to volunteer at local nonprofit sites in the Twin Cities.

Citizen Katie, an upcoming event, is upheld by many at St. Kate’s as a day of service and community as alumni and students join in efforts to volunteer across the Twin Cities.

“Alumni love the connection with students, and the volunteer sites appreciate the help,” said Brigitte Marty, the Associate Director of Student Center and Activities.

Citizen Katie begins with a celebratory breakfast. During the breakfast, volunteers have the chance to mingle and gain energy for the exciting day from energetic peers and alumni.
This year, Citizen Katie has volunteering set up at a plethora of sites including Habitat for Humanity, Highland Friendship Club, The Salvation Army, Sarah’s…an Oasis for Women, and Second Harvest Heartland. Due to the variety of site options for Citizen Katie, students are able to be placed at a site they have interest in.

In past years, Citizen Katie has helped similar sites and brewed positive results.

Breanna Kosidowski ’16 volunteered last year at Meals on Wheels.  Regarding her experience, Kosidowski said, “It was nice to bond with alumni and students, and know that you brightened someone’s day.”

While participation last year was high, with over 300 Katies in attendance, this year’s goal is to reach 350 participants. The goal was set in order to spread St. Kate’s charitable spirit throughout the Twin Cities. In this way, Citizen Katie offers students an opportunity to connect to the community, alumni, and the values of St. Catherine University.

“Citizen Katie allows students to connect with the mission of St. Kate’s,” said Marty.

Not only does Citizen Katie offer opportunities for Katies to have fun, give back to the community, and connect with other Katies as well as  the mission of St. Kate’s, but it also offers a unique experience that benefits both St. Kate’s and the Twin Cities.

For more information regarding Citizen Katie, email Jill Warrant at jillwarren46@comcast.net or visit stkate.edu/citizenkatie.

Erin can be reached at emcarey@stkate.edu

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