The stereotype surrounding sororities is not always the best. According to the general history of Greek life, secret sororities existed in the 1700’s, with The Freemasons being one of the most popular ones. During that time, Greek life was burdened with negative images, and were frowned upon based on the arrogant illustration they presented. The social image once obtained by most Greek life organizations included a lifestyle of partying, drinking, and so forth. These stereotypes went through major changes once the drinking age altered, resulting in a period of evolution for many Greek life activities. It was not until the 1980’s when Greek life began to truly improve and hold a statute of integrity, leadership and support. Luckily for St. Kate’s students, there is a respectful sorority on campus that intends to uphold all of these values, and is available for all students to join: Lambda Sigma Tau.

Along with the elegance that pearls bring, which are handed out to the graduating sisters each year, the ladies that make up this organization truly carry out St. Kate’s commitment to lead and influence. Lambda Sigma Tau is dedicated to assisting in community work, forming lifelong friendships (or sisterships), and improving the leadership skills of every sister. The week of Oct. 6 to Oct. 10 kicked off the first week of sorority activities for fall pledges. Tie dying t-shirts and decorating bags for local charities, along with lunches and genuine conversations between current sisters and pledges, were only a few of the activities initially planned.

Sydnee Whitfield ’18, a current pledge, was more than excited to share her sorority experience so far.

“I love being surrounded by hopefully, my future sisters. The initial excitement I felt when I was beginning to consider joining Lambda Sigma Tau is still with me and the support the current sisters offer during what is now rush is unbelievable. I can tell they mean it when they say once you’re a sister, you are always a sister,” Whitfield said.

Along with Sydnee, another new pledging Cristina Perez ’18 is equally excited about the upcoming experiences that she hopes to encounter as a part of Lambda Sigma Tau.

“I’m excited to be a part of the sorority and be able to volunteer and help out in the local community, as well as getting to know the other girls and enriching my college experience,” Perez said.

Greek life holds a large position and leadership role over many campuses, and to this day, many are known for hazing, pressuring, and inappropriate acts. Fortunately, St. Kate’s upholds a genuine, supportive and honorable sorority where all are welcome to join and reap the benefits of giving back to the community while forming friendships that will last through college and beyond. The sorority organizes events where alumnae come back to campus and participate in gatherings, socials, and other activities. Like they say; Once a sister, always a sister.

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