Preparing for disaster: St. Kate’s disaster simulation

On the morning of October 14, St. Kate’s held an inter-professional flood disaster simulation for students on its St. Paul campus. The departments of Public Health, Nursing and Public Safety put on the event for students in the Henrietta Schmoll School of Health, as well as American Sign Language, to experience what a disaster community may look like. With a perimeter on the Quad on campus, tents were set up as homes in the flooded community while debris and other obstacles were put in place to simulate the difficulties of a community post-disaster. Students of St. Kate’s either played the role of “victim”, “aid worker”, or “gawker”. Students were to work together to respond to the disaster victims in the simulated flooded community. Trainings like these help students gain more knowledge about disasters as well as training for possible work in their future career endeavors.

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