All Hallows Eve: A night of history, candy and costumes

Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve, is the one night of the year where anyone is able to dress up and be whoever he or she wishes. There are millions of ideas for costumes, but only a few make the top of the list.

Originating from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, Halloween is a day that Celts would use to mark the end of the harvest season, transitioning towards winter. The history of ghosts, goblins and monsters comes from their belief that, along with the seasons changing, the end of harvest also provided a bridge to the world of the dead. Nowadays, instead of focusing spirits on the pagan ritual, as the Celts did, we celebrate through trick-or-treating, partying and telling ghost stories around a campfire.

Along with the bountiful amounts of candy and the spooky decorations, costumes tend to be the most important aspect of Halloween. Every year, there seems to be a different theme of popular costumes. This year, the hype of the movie The Great Gatsby, released in 2013, inspired a trend of flapper and Daisy Buchanan costumes for women, and Jay Gatsby inspired get ups for men. Those looking for a throwback outfit can grab a feather and some pearls, and go back to the 1920’s.

A more traditional trend is the options of vampire, witch, ghost or pirate, jazzed up by the costume companies. The companies thought outside of the box, and introduced a new addition to the police line- a SWAT officer. The SWAT team costume includes handcuffs to take down those criminals.

Next up, the ‘Jesterina’ costume comes with wigs, tutus and a variety of colors to choose from. Ringing in the holiday spirit is the sassy ringmaster costume, equipped with a vest, wrist cuffs and long red satin gloves. You couldn’t be the showstopper without them, right? The final exclusive costume of the season is the Dragon Fighter Ninja. Let the inner ninja come out with this daunting, yet accurate costume of a dragon fighter.

For this years Halloween, Allie Erickson ’18 chose to go down the traditional route with the vampire costume. She, however, adds a twist.

“There are so many people who do the traditional vampire costume, so, to make mine stand out a little more, I add red lipstick and paint my nails red. It makes the night a little more fun and unique,” Erickson said.

Halloween is a night of fun and games, laughter and enjoyment of time with friends, but it is also a time of spooks and fear. Some take this too far, and create mean-spirited pranks. Because of this, stay with a friend at all times and be responsible in case something out of the ordinary happens. Spice up sassy costumes a little more with a glow-stick or two, making sure that drivers and other walkers can see you in the night. Drivers of Halloween evening should be extra careful, and keep an eye out for trick-or-treaters crossing the street, or fellow college students running around, high on sugar.

From Dragon Fighting Ninjas to Gatsby-esque costumes, have fun choosing another identity for the night- There are endless options. Halloween is a night where ghost stories come to life, and candy is the main course for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With the fun comes safety measures, so make sure to keep them in mind during all the spooky festivities.

Happy Halloween!

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