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Room at the table: Chewing mouths and open ears at an educational foster care event

A table of event coordinators sits outside an event room within McNeely Hall on the University of St. Thomas north campus. At the entrance there is a hurried exchange of words as someone dashes off in search of the knives that catering never brought. Within, ten or so tables seat social workers, St. Thomas social work students and curious citizens who have come to see what Connections to Independence (C2i) will bring to the table. Continue Reading →

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‘Mockingjay’ soars past expectations

The odds are in Hunger Game fans favor, as Mockingjay: Part One premiered on Nov. 21. Was it really as good as expected to be? Amanda Rogotzke ’18, huge fan of the Hunger Games series and movies, gives The Wheel her review on the movie. Wheel: What was your favorite part of the movie (without giving away anything!)? Continue Reading →

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Peaceful protestors fight with love at the School of Americas

A travel bus rolled down the cobble stone streets of St. Kate’s in the early morning of Nov. 21. Campus Minister Sam Kelly, and Katies Fatima Calderon ’15, Anagloria Quintanar ’15, Johannah Wyrick and I boarded. We began the 28 hour journey to Fort Benning, Georgia to protest the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, or, as it is better known as, the School of Americas (SOA). Continue Reading →

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“Un Portrait Perdu”: Etty Hathaway’s senior honors presentation

How many people do you know who have written a play in French? Add one to your list, because Etty Hathaway ’14 recently wrote and performed “Un Portrait Perdu: Femmes Artistes de la Belle Epoque,” a one-woman play featuring four French woman artists from the Belle Epoque, for her senior honors project. Belle Epoque was an era lasting roughly 1871-1914, which centered on Paris and was known for its lavish lifestyle and focus on the arts. For her presentation, Hathaway selected excerpts from her writing about the four women, Victorine Meurent, Jeanne Hébuterne, Camille Claudel, and Sonia Delauneay, and performed as each character. Hathaway’s presentation was almost entirely in French, as was the written component of her senior honors project. Continue Reading →

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A Katie Called “Kattoo”: Kat Thompson’s position on Minnesota RollerGirls

Dec. 7, 2014: This article was reposted with corrections. Kat Thompson began her roller derby career in a league called the Paper Valley Roller Girls with the name “Seana Connerie.” Many people have little knowledge regarding roller derby other than the hit movie Whip It starring Ellen Page. Sitting down to talk with Kat Thompson ‘16, a Katie on the Minneapolis campus, revealed the many facets of being a roller girl. Continue Reading →

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Wildcat hockey turns up the heat for winter

Hockey is an important part of the culture of Minnesota. Coach Herb Brooks, the man who brought the 1980 U.S Olympic Hockey team to a nearly impossible victory against the then-Soviet Union, is Minnesota’s own version of Vince Lombardi in some aspects. But hockey isn’t just a sport for men anymore. The St. Kate’s Wildcats hockey season has become something of a roller coaster that only goes up. Continue Reading →

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“The Global Muslim”

Friday, November 21 St. Kate’s Muslim Students Association (MSA) presented Noor al-Amar (Light of the Moon): “The Global Muslim”. Held in the Rauenhorst Ballroom of St. Kate’s, the event started with a welcoming address by MSA President, Muna Scekomar. Attendees of the event were able to mingle and eat a variety of cultural cuisine from around the world. With a large turn out, a raffle drawing for prizes, henna, hijab try-ons, and Day Break Press in attendance with books it was quite the celebration. Continue Reading →

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Boca Juniors or River Plate? Kichnerista or Anti-Kirchnerista?: Two hot topic issues in Argentina

The two dominant topics that are highly contested and arouse strong emotions in Argentina are the fútbol (soccer) team you belong to and whether or not you support the current government or oppose it. There are twenty Argentine fútbol teams in the First Division, which are the most popular here which means they have the largest fan bases, have the players with the best skill-set, and have the craziest, diehard fans. Fútbol is not just a soccer game here; it is an estilo de vida (lifestyle). Some fans sleep, eat, and breathe their fútbol team. Every loss is taken personally and every win is considered a great victory. Continue Reading →

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‘The times they are a-changin:’ Art and Art History department purchases 3D printer for students and faculty

As technology has advanced and the times have changed, colleges across the nation have continued to upgrade and expand the availability of technologies for students; St. Kate’s is no different. Recently, the Art and Art History department purchased a 3D printer for students and faculty members to use; the printer was ordered online for just over $2,000. The Art department decided that this purchase would be a beneficial investment for St. Kate’s because they believe that all Katies should have the same opportunities as other colleges. Continue Reading →

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Getting that degree: Graduation rates and MAP-Works explained

According to Best Colleges list of 20 Best Women’s Colleges in 2014, St. Kate’s ranked #11 and has a 55% graduation rate. To some, this ranking may be viewed as low and leaves room for wondering why 45% of students are not graduating. Wellesley College, which scored #1 on the list of 20 Best Women Colleges in 2014, has a 92% graduation rate and a 30% acceptance rate, compared to St. Kate’s, which has a 59% acceptance rate. Continue Reading →

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