Pulse Unplugged: Grayson DeWolfe performs at St. Kate’s

Twin Cities musician Grayson DeWolfe and his band played in The Pulse Thursday, November 6 at 9 p.m. to a full crowd of students and community members in attendance to hear him and his band. DeWolfe, only 16 years old, sang many classic covers as well as his own songs to a packed Pulse Unplugged event. With a superb show presence and attitude, DeWolfe was able to captivate the crowd with his warm personality and from-the-heart singing. He did a few songs solo – just as he started off as an artist – then brought in his band for a more up-beat mix of pop, punk and rock sound. With great acoustics in The Pulse Thursday night it was hard not to get wrapped up in the music and atmosphere. Whether students were there for entertainment or studying, DeWolfe and band were able to get the crowd going, clapping their hands above their heads. Some Katies who were already Grayson DeWolfe fans before he came to St. Kate’s sang along to his songs while in the crowd. DeWolfe’s songs were craftily written and performed, with true emotion that reached out to everyone in the crowd. After DeWolfe and band performed, students were able to meet the band and DeWolfe, take pictures and receive hugs. All in all it was a great night for music at The Pulse Unplugged. To stay up-to-date with artist Grayson DeWolfe visit his website at: http://www.graysondewolfe.com/ 


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