Purple people power: Students’ experiences during Citizen Katie

On Oct. 18, Katies young and old came together to help the community.

The day began with nametags and a celebratory breakfast where Katies got to know the other students and alumni in their site group. Walking into the Raunhorst Ballroom, volunteers were greeted with organge juice, mini muffins, and organized tables to help them connect with other volunteers in their site group. It doesn’t get much better than that!

After connecting with students and alumni volunteering at the same location, Katies were able to hear the impact of previous Citizen Katie events from opening speakers who discussed how Citizen Katie assists multiple organizations across the Twin Cities including Habitat for Humanity, Highland Friendship Club, and Second Harvest Heartland.

The breakfast and the speakers allowed Katies to get inspired and excited for the lively day of volunteering. As Katies exited Rauenhorst Ballroom, they piled on buses or walked to their sites to begin their volunteer work for the day.

While some Katies started cleaning up parks, fixing houses, and organizing supplies, other Katies worked on raking leaves and helping with outdoor yard work for those unable to do their own yard work.

“It was really fun. We raked leaves, and they seemed to really enjoy our help. I know I definitely enjoyed it,” Kosidowski ’17 said.

Other students enjoyed serving other organizations such as Meals on Wheels. Meals on Wheels focuses on transporting nutritious meals to help keep seniors healthy and safe. This year, many students helped decorate bags for the organization.

Frances Momoh ’17, a volunteer for Meals on Wheels at this year’s Citizen Katie said, “It was a lot of fun because we even got to decorate bags for the birthdays and holidays. I decorated mine with a Disney theme.”

Citizen Katie allows students to assist and connect with their community in various ways due to each student’s unique perspective and set of talents. After all, who wouldn’t want to get a Disney-theme decorated bag?

Other students found their experiences satisfying because of the connection they made with the people and organizations they assisted.

“It was a really gratifying experience,” Holly Abel ’17 said. “It was nice knowing that I was able to help someone, and I had fun doing it!”

The overall consensus among students who volunteered for Citizen Katie this year seems to be that everyone had fun. Whether it was volunteering for Little Brothers, Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, or other various organizations, Katies appreciated the opportunity to help the Twin Cities community alongside a smaller community of Katies.

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