Social Dance Club: Lindy November

The Social Dance Club of St. Kate’s was hopping Lindy style this past Thursday, Nov. 13 in the Jeanne d’Arc auditorium. St. Kate’s Social Dance Club has labeled November as “Lindy November” dedicated to learning the Lindy Hop during the month to celebrate a different style of dance that not everyone knows. The Social Dance Club started off as just a swing club years back and have since changed their title to ‘Social Dance Club’ because of the broad range of dance there is in today’s society. Led by club president, Erin Klukas ’17, the Social Dance Club has approximately ten regulars who come every Thursday from 9:15 to 10 p.m. for a dancing lesson, then they head over to the Social Dance Studio in Minneapolis to show off their new-found skills or to just practice what they already know.  This month they have Tou Xiong and Alisa, both of whom the group met at the Social Dance Studio, as teachers of the Lindy Hop. With the ‘rock step, triple step, rock step, rock step’ rhythm the dancers rotate partners after a few rounds of practicing their moves to keep things lively. Whether those who come are experienced dancers or first-timers there is dancing skills to be learned for people of all abilities.

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