‘Mockingjay’ soars past expectations

The odds are in Hunger Game fans favor, as Mockingjay: Part One premiered on Nov. 21. Was it really as good as expected to be? Amanda Rogotzke ’18, huge fan of the Hunger Games series and movies, gives The Wheel her review on the movie.

Wheel: What was your favorite part of the movie (without giving away anything!)?

Rogotzke: My favorite part was the beginning of the movie, when they really showed a lot of Katniss and what she was going through after being a tribute in the Hunger Games. She is such an amazing and strong character, and Jennifer Lawrence does a fantastic job at playing the part.

W: What was different in the movie than in the book?

R: Like all movies and books, the books always seem to be better. I did enjoy reading Mockingjay, more than watching it, but both were amazing. The producers did a great job at staying true to the story line.

W: Who is your favorite character, and why?

R: Up until this movie, (I won’t give away why) my favorite character has been Peeta. There are a lot of things that happen in Mockingjay that altered who is my favorite, and, after last night, I definitely have to say that Katniss is my favorite. She is so admirable because of her strength and perseverance.

W: Is there something you wish the producers had not done?

R: I wish the producers would have cut out some of the battle-esque scenes, because, at some points, they became a little too long. It’s hard for me to stay attentive when the same shooting or fighting scene is going on for ten minutes.

W: What is your overall opinion on the movie?

R: Overall, the movie was fantastic. Any Hunger Games fans who have not seen it should really check it out. The plot was intriguing, the characters were believable and the overall storyline was gripping. I already cannot wait for part two.

There it is: Mockingjay: Part One, as reviewed by Hunger Games fan Amanda Rogotzke ‘18. Make sure to catch a showing of Mockingjay at a theatre close to home. Thanksgiving break provides the perfect opportunity to head to a theater and see Katniss in action. Check out Fandango’s website for a list of local theatres.

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