Jack Frost is nipping, but that won’t hold back winter fun

Cold winter weather is one down side to exciting and comforting activities surrounding the holiday season. Cookie baking, decorating and spending time with loved ones are great ways to stay warm and have fun, but what else is there to do around town?

Ever wonder where a great place to go skating is? There happens to be three free outdoor ice rinks just a few blocks away from campus.

Groveland Park Elementary School is home to three large and fun-filled ice rinks, available all hours of the day and into the evening as well. Located on the corner of Prior and St. Clair, bring a pair of skates and take a few laps with some friends.

Cookie baking is always a fun winter activity. It’s easy to head online and find some daring but delicious recipes, or stick to good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies. They are irresistible.

This season is especially exciting with the new Hollidazzle Village replacing the Hollidazzle parade in downtown Minneapolis. Instead of the traditional holiday floats and performing bands, there will be a reindeer, shopping, all sorts of food and a hand blown glass exhibit.

The last suggestion to soak up these winter days is traditional sledding. There are hills all over St. Paul, and plenty of friends to take with on this outdoor adventure. Short a sled or two? No problem. S&S Hardware store, right across the street from campus on Fairview Avenue, sells all sorts of colorful sleds during this time of the year. So save up or go all in on a sled with a few friends and hit the hills.

Marcy Lohese ’18 has a unique activity that she makes a tradition during the holiday season.

“Although it doesn’t have to do with snow, or sleds or holiday cheer, for that matter, my favorite thing to do during winter is get a group of friends together and go bowling. It’s so fun hanging out with people you care about in an environment like a bowling alley,” Lohese said.

Lohese sometimes stays at the lanes until 2 a.m. Afterwards, she and her friends make goodies together or watch movies. The laughter and energy that comes with spending time with those who are close to you is what this season is all about. For Loehms, that spirit comes out in bowling, but there are plenty of other unique holiday traditions to make.

Maria Maderea ’18 thinks the same way.

“I enjoy all the fun indoor holiday activities, like cookie baking. I’m from New Mexico, so snow is rather foreign to me! But I am always up for new recipes and decorating with all sorts of frostings and sprinkles,” Maderea said.

She and her roommate are also into decorating for the holidays and making homemade gifts. Just recently, they made snowmen.

“We super-glued two glass jars together and painted them with simple white paint. Then, we drew on black eyes and black buttons with a sharpie, drew an orange nose, and attached a simple felt scarf. We got everything at a Michael’s craft store- Super easy and very festive,” Maderea said.

There are so many fun things to do during these winter days; all that is needed is a creative mind and a positive attitude.

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