How did you make the holidays feel more like the holidays?

This Holiday season, Minnesota lacked snow as well as the infamous below-freezing temperatures that typically put everyone in the holiday spirit. Without the slush, scarf-wrapped necks and long john-clad legs, it was more difficult to get into the holiday mood this year. So, how did St. Paul residents cheer themselves up and have a wonderful holiday season? Two residents shared a variety of perspectives about their holiday traditions and the activities they participated in to raise their spirits.

Maggie Johnson, a first year at the University of Minnesota, shared her family’s efforts at making this year’s Christmas even better than before.

“My family and I are used to snow, snow, snow during the holidays, so this year, we were more than disappointed to celebrate Christmas with brown and green yards. But, because the holidays do not solely rely on snow to make them what they are, we bucked up and made this year even better than before. We made ten times the amount of cookies we typically make, had a fire in the fire place every night leading up to Christmas day, and drank hot cocoa with every meal! Literally – every meal! Although snow would have been fun to go play in and build snow forts and what not, we made due with what we were given and made the best out of it. That’s what the holiday season is all about right?” said Johnson.

Hot cocoa, fires in the fireplace and cookies all sound like fantastic ways to spend the holiday break, with or without snow! Another resident of Saint Paul, Emma Schultz, who attends San Diego State University in California, shared how her family celebrated Christmas.

“This year, my family and I bought loads and loads of white cotton and made our own winter wonderland in our family room at home, surrounding our Christmas tree and fireplace. We made the inside of our house look just like we wished the outside would look like, and it worked! Christmas morning was the same as always: hot cocoa, presents, a crackling fire and snow…well, homemade snow!” said Schultz.

Creative minds really can turn any dull situation into an exciting and memorable experience!

Although this holiday season lacked the snow and cold temperatures Minnesotans are used to (which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing!) it was refreshing to hear all the fun ways people made the holidays feel like the holidays. After all, the holiday spirit comes from within, not just from snow or twinkling lights.

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