New year means new excitement for spring semester

As J-term draws to a close, excitement for spring semester is affecting many Katies. After all, spring is a time for growth, so what better time to grow as a Katie than during a new semester?

For me, I am most excited about taking new classes and making more friends, as well as strengthening the friendships made over last semester. J-term has been a much longer time than I thought it was going to be, and I miss all of the events and people at St. Kate’s. Other first year Katies on Facebook agreed that there is much to look forward to spring semester. The following responses were from a post I made on Facebook asking students on the St. Kate’s Class of 2018 Facebook page what they were most looking forward to Spring semester.

New classes are something that many other Katies are also excited about. Lauren Rein ’18 is especially looking forward to her ceramics class.

“Even though I’m not great at art, I believe this will be a good outlet and diversion from all the science classes in my major,” Rein said.

“I am very excited to see what this semester holds, make new friends, and take courses that I find very intriguing,” said Breanne Johnson ’18.

Mirna Serrano Barahona ’18 is also eager for her new schedule, as well as more meal points.

“I am looking forward to a fresh start. Being able to take new courses keeps my interest levels up. I can’t wait to see what new things I’ll learn. I am also looking forward to having replenished meal points; I will be more careful this time around,” Barahona said.

As the saying goes, ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder,’ and many Katies, including myself, have missed St. Kate’s friends over the break. Mary Le ’18 is excited about getting closer with the people she met last semester, as is Heidi Roth ’18.

Katy Schwanke ’18 wants only what every other St. Kate’s student or faculty member wants: she wants The Pulse to be open again.

Many say that college is some of the best years of one’s life, and it is obvious that these Katies and many others would agree that this is the truth, and spring semester at St. Kate’s is sure to be a great one.

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