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Hidden resources on campus show the winter medallion isn’t the only thing worth looking for

Underused resources and benefits at St. Kate’s are hidden in plain sight, but also around corners and up flights of stairs. Luckily, with a little exploration, a quick cup of coffee or the best place to take a nap are easily discovered. The Wheel takes a look at the top four underused resources, as lauded by regulars. Academic Resource Center: Chimay Hang ‘17 (student/employee)
Open Hours: Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 8p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Closed on Sunday’s)
When did you first start using this resource? Continue Reading →

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Katies getting married

College is a busy time filled with classes, homework, meetings, clubs, internships, work and much more. But throwing a wedding into the mix makes it even more difficult. This article is about three current Katies who experienced it all. One that has already gotten married, and two that are currently planning their weddings. “Planning a wedding while in college is ridiculously stressful since I am the chair for St. Catherine University’s Student Senate, a member of Lambda Sigma Tau and a part of MAPCS [MN Association of Private Colleges],” said Juliana Hillstrom ’17.  “I wouldn’t be able to do this without my good friend and bridesmaid Danielle. Continue Reading →

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Roommate 101: Finding the right fit

Choosing a roommate is a tricky business. At St. Kate’s, there are several ways that students can find roommates for on-campus housing: registering together, Roommate Finder and random assignment. Most first-years are concerned about what their relationship will be like with their roommate. Some want their roommate to just be a roommate and nothing more but most want a roommate who is also a friend. Continue Reading →

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Where should students live, on or off campus?

The time is coming for students to choose where to live for the Fall 2015 semester, and this decision can be a challenging one. The Wheel spoke with three students with different living situations to get the lowdown on housing. Jeni Simpson ’17 lives in a house near campus with three roommates. She said that pros to living off campus include saving money, being able to buy your own food instead of buying a meal plan and feeling more independent as a result of living in a house. Cons, Simpson said, include needing cash at the end of the month to pay for rent and having to pay $3 per load of laundry. Continue Reading →

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A closer look at Grammy fashion

Fans of Hollywood and their extravagant events tuned in to CBS on Feb. 8 to watch the 57 Annual Grammy Awards. The night was filled with tradition, musical talent and plenty of fashion. As celebrities’ walk down the red carpet, fashion, jewels and designer wear catch the eyes of onlookers. Or, more precisely, the glint of the TV catches the eyes of onlookers. Continue Reading →

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Céad Míle Fáilte, a weekend in an Irish home

“Céad míle fáilte”, “a hundred thousand welcomes” in Irish, is a way of greeting newcomers to a home. Furthermore it is a concept that seems to be ingrained in the Irish identity, resulting in a willingness to open hearts and homes to new people. I was able to experience this wonderful hospitality during a weekend stay with an Irish family in the small village of Ballintober, about an hour north of Galway in Ireland. The goal of the homestay aspect of my program is to allow the students to not only experience typical Irish home life, but to expose them to a different environment than the one they have settled into at college. In this case, we were taken from the urban centre of Galway City to the rural Castlebar area of nearby County Mayo. Continue Reading →

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How one professor’s journey inspired an exhibition of art

In the fall of 2013, Professor Carol Lee Chase traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to experience the rich culture the city had to offer. When she returned home, Chase was inspired by her journey and created the exhibit now on show at the Catherine G. Murphy gallery known as Souvenir. It was one fateful day sitting in an art history class years ago that Chase first learned of the Hagia Sophia, a church turned mosque turned museum that presently stands in Istanbul, Turkey. From that point onward, Chase decided that one day she would like to go to visit Istanbul to see the magnificent Hagia Sophia for herself. “It’s a spectacular building and has always been my sort of artist pilgrimage…to actually just go see it,” said Chase. Continue Reading →

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When your host family becomes your family

The first time I saw the petite blonde lady named Beatriz and the man with the warm smile fumbling with brochures named Carlos waiting in the hotel lobby, tears filled my eyes. This is the couple I would be living with for a whole year- my Argentinian family. Overcome with emotions, I went from being excited to nervous and began to worry. Would they like me, and would I like them? How would we communicate with one another, since we both speak different languages? Continue Reading →

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SKAT day brightener, shrinky dinks

On Thursday, Feb. 5, The St. Kate’s Activities Team (SKAT) hosted a day brightener event of making shrinky dinks in the second floor atrium of the Coeur de Catherine. One of the SKAT team members thought of the idea when remembering the types of craft she enjoyed growing up and decided to bring the idea to St. Kate’s. Shrinky Dinks are made out of “frosted,” non-toxic, lead-free paper that looks similar to plastic and shrinks tremendously in size after being baked in an oven for only a few minutes. Continue Reading →

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