St. Kate’s Butler Center gets Fit on Demand program for spring 2015 Semester

The Butler Center has had several renovations over the summer, including a new expansion to the building. The expansion includes new workout studios, cardio machines, and four new TVs in the cardio room. In addition to these changes, the Butler Center will be getting a Fit on Demand program by the end of this week.

Fit on Demand is a program that will be projected onto a screen in a studio. This program will allow the St. Kate’s community to experience multiple types of physical activities with virtual instructors who are trained to teach them. These activities include spinning, yoga, dance, kickboxing, various types of parent/child activities, and more.

Madge Makowske is the Associate Athletic Director for St. Kate’s and has also helped with the implementation of Fit on Demand by asking certain organizations, such as St. Kate’s Student Senate, to help make it possible by providing funding. Makowske is also responsible for various tasks regarding the athletic teams and working with different groups on campus to heighten their awareness of the athletics programs.

“Since Fit on Demand involves looking at a screen while working out, this program will allow students to visually be in a new space outside of the studio,” Makowske said. “For example, a student can go into the kiosk and select an activity, such as spinning, that takes place in San Francisco.”

In addition to the variety of physical activities that are offered, Fit on Demand also offers fun workout activities that take place in foreign countries. For example, a student could use the exercise bike and have the screen take them to South Island or New Zealand.

“This program gives students the unique opportunity to do their physical activity in a new, foreign environment,” Makowske said.

Besides the fitness bikes that will be in the studio, no other equipment will be provided. However, students will be allowed to use their yoga mats and exercise balls during the workouts.

“There will be a lot of trial and error in the beginning to make sure that we maximize the space the studio has to offer,” Makowske said. “Fit on Demand is new in the industry and is an excellent way to meet the needs of a vast majority of the student population. Our hopes are that it will get students enthusiastic about working out.”

Even though this new program is beginning this month, the Fit for Life instructors that taught classes such as spinning, boot camp, and cardio, will continue teaching these classes in the new studio that Fit for Demand also takes place in, which is called the Group Fitness Studio.

The Group Fitness Studio will be open to the St. Kate’s community, and the Fit for Demand schedule is the same as the Butler Center hours. As long as there is not a class scheduled to use the room, students will be able to sign up to use Fit for Demand by themselves or with a group of friends.

For any questions regarding the new Fit on Demand program, contact Madge Makowske at

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