SKAT day brightener, shrinky dinks

On Thursday, Feb. 5, The St. Kate’s Activities Team (SKAT) hosted a day brightener event of making shrinky dinks in the second floor atrium of the Coeur de Catherine. One of the SKAT team members thought of the idea when remembering the types of craft she enjoyed growing up and decided to bring the idea to St. Kate’s.

Shrinky Dinks are made out of “frosted,” non-toxic, lead-free paper that looks similar to plastic and shrinks tremendously in size after being baked in an oven for only a few minutes.

Students drew on the special paper with colored pencils. There were many students who came to the event to draw their own creations, many of which got ideas from the internet or Pinterest. I created a “love” design and “Dad” key chain with St. Kate’s colors.

STAT hosts day brighteners throughout the semester on the St. Paul campus from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Stay on the lookout for future day brighteners, as the next event will involve making paper lanterns.

For more information on Shrinky Dinks visit their website at

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