A closer look at Grammy fashion

Fans of Hollywood and their extravagant events tuned in to CBS on Feb. 8 to watch the 57 Annual Grammy Awards. The night was filled with tradition, musical talent and plenty of fashion.

As celebrities’ walk down the red carpet, fashion, jewels and designer wear catch the eyes of onlookers. Or, more precisely, the glint of the TV catches the eyes of onlookers. The red carpet fashion show typically starts two hours ahead of time, at 5 p.m., and stars are greeted as they journey to their seats.

This year, the most memorable outfit on the red carpet came from Rhianna, who was wearing a poofy pink ensemble. Another outfit that stuck was Taylor Swift’s blue ombre dress, with a revealing but classy slip showing off her legs.

For men, the attention can be focused on Pharrell. He rocked the red carpet wearing tuxedo shorts and classy shoes, showing off his signature legs and their ‘permanent tan lines’, as he told Ryan Seacrest in a red carpet interview.

Of course, the Wests cannot be forgotten. Kanye and Kim posed in gold and black, with Kim debuting her new hair; shoulder length. Kanye’s black tuxedo complimented Kim’s dazzling gold statement that clung to her hips and showed the features she wants recognized.

Here, at St. Kate’s, fashion major Mandy Kaczmarek ‘15, gave The Wheel a little insight into what she thinks about the fashion at the Grammys, and the particular things she pays attention too including designer names, who her favorite artists are wearing and so on.

Kaczmarek said she mainly looks for her favorite artists to see what they are wearing, and, on occasion, will look up designers and facts about certain designers once she’s found an artist she likes, but does not know who they are wearing. Overall the Grammys do not play a specific role in any projects she works on, but it is always fun to watch, research and be inspired.

All in all, the 57 Grammy Awards were a great evening, where many deserving artists were recognized for their hard work and their inspiring music, and the audience had the chance to live vicariously through them and their lavish clothing and accessories.

“To me, the Grammys are always a fun way to get a year’s worth of information about music and artists in one evening. I love getting together with my friends and gushing about the cute artists, and drooling over the designer gowns,” Annalyssa Hinds ‘18 said.

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