Where should students live, on or off campus?

The time is coming for students to choose where to live for the Fall 2015 semester, and this decision can be a challenging one. The Wheel spoke with three students with different living situations to get the lowdown on housing.

Jeni Simpson ’17 lives in a house near campus with three roommates. She said that pros to living off campus include saving money, being able to buy your own food instead of buying a meal plan and feeling more independent as a result of living in a house.

Cons, Simpson said, include needing cash at the end of the month to pay for rent and having to pay $3 per load of laundry. Her favorite part about living off campus is that she has contacts on and off campus; however, she misses seeing friends in the dorms and in the dining hall.

“I feel like it’s easier than I expected going from campus to the home,” Simpson said.

Rent for houses in the area range from $425-$2000 per month. These prices vary depending on whether or not one lives with housemates. Additional costs may arise for things such as internet and electricity.

Sarah Stacey ’17 also lives in a house, but her housemates are her parents. She likes that her parents make her dinner, do her laundry and she doesn’t have to purchase a meal plan. However, Stacey does feel that living at home allows her less freedom-sometimes, she feels like she is in high school because her parents ask her where she is going and what she is doing.

Stacey’s favorite thing about living at home is that she gets to be with her dog but she doesn’t like the fact that she doesn’t have a quiet place to study. Costs for Stacy include gas money and purchasing meals on campus if she doesn’t bring her own food. Stacey also has to allow herself enough time to get to St. Kate’s.

“I didn’t realize how long it would take me to get to school,” Stacey said.

On-campus living has been a positive choice for Lauren Dusek ’17, who lives in Morrison Hall in a four-person suite. Dusek enjoys the fact that Morrison is so new, clean and within convenient proximity to other places on campus. She likes living with three other people and feels more connected to them that way.

“It surprised me how much I [like] living in Morrison even though it’s expensive. It’s worth it for how nice it is,” Dusek said.

Rates for living on campus range from $2500-$5815 per semester depending on the building and the number of students living in a particular suite, apartment or dorm room. Meal plans range from $460-$1947 per semester.

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