Who’s who at SCU: Vishana Jaipat

There is always that one person who can instill a sense of inspiration in us. At St. Kate’s, one of those people is Vishana Jaipat ‘18. The Wheel got the opportunity to interview this motivational Katie.

Wheel: Why did you decide to come to St. Kate’s?
Jaipat: The financial help they gave me, and the feeling of security and safeness the campus and community gave me.

W: What does your average day look like?
J: This semester, I made sure to register for classes later in the day so I could sleep in after long nights of studying due to my multiple jobs that keep me busy until late at night. I work with Sodexo, and telefund here at school. I do a lot of catering type work for events the school hosts, which I really enjoy. Telefund is a more relaxed environment, and I like speaking to alumni.

W: What is the most challenging thing about being at St. Kate’s?
J: Balancing work, school, friends, a relationship and maintaining a level head with all the stress.

W: What is your favorite part about being at St. Kate’s? Why?
J: I love the environment St. Kate’s provides. If I didn’t have the constant support from my friends and the girls I am in class with, as well as my professors, I don’t think I could handle everything.

W: What is your major and/ or minor? Why did you choose that?
J: Right now I am debating a few areas for a major, one being psychology, but I am minoring in chemical dependency for sure. I want to be able to help families someday who struggle with problems similar to ones my culture struggles with. As I grew up I became more and more aware of how my culture viewed drinking and alcohol in general. I am Guyanese, and, in a way, my culture is somewhat blind to it and avoided helping families where alcoholism is a problem. I hope with whatever major I choose, along with my chemical dependency minor, I can reach out to people in my culture and help them understand their problems if they have any and help them work through it.

W: What is the biggest thing you have overcome in your life?
J: I don’t know if I have overcome it yet, but I am working on being independent. I am paying for my tuition on my own, and am trying to figure where I belong in my own life.

W: Who inspires you?
J: My sister inspires me. Although we don’t keep in contact anymore, I still admire her for removing herself from our family when she felt it was necessary and succeeding on her own now.

W: What is something that not that many people know about you?
J: Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I make little to-do lists and make sure to cross things off as I complete them. It gives me a sense of satisfaction.

W: How do you stay motivated?
J: Remembering my goal to graduate and be a successful woman in the workforce helps me continue to push through hard and stressful times.

Jaipat is a truly inspiring woman who deserves a lot more credit than she is given. She continues to persevere, despite the stresses and hardships she encounters. Keep an eye out for this amazing Katie; She is often found studying in the pulse or library and hanging in her room with friends.

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