Summer classes open new doors for St. Kate’s students

Although spring semester has only just begun, before you know it, summer will make itself known and spring courses will be replaced with summer classes available to students.

Even though more schooling during the few warm months we have here in Minnesota may not seem like the most fun, it is well worth your while to check it out.

First of all, for day students taking summer classes at St. Kate’s the price tag for classes is significantly less than what a student would pay during the fall or spring semester. In other words, classes are pretty much on sale during the summer months. However, the official course costs won’t be available until later this term, and the cost of classes is about the same for evening, weekend and online students.

“We’re not going to have the total summer budget, like what a class is going to cost, for a while unfortunately, so students may be registering before that’s out,” said Lizette Bartholdi, director of St. Kate’s Academic Advising office.

Official prices for summer classes should be released around April, but will for sure be made available way before the actual classes start.

Students can find and register for summer classes as they would during fall and spring semester: through Kateway. Registration for classes at the St. Paul campus begins on March 4, with registration for Minneapolis/St. Paul cross registration beginning on March 11. On March 18, registration opens up to the community.

As far as using financial aid to help pay for summer classes, it really depends on the student’s situation.

“Any student should talk to the Financial Aid Office to find out for sure, but my understanding is it kind of depends on how much you used in fall and spring if you if you have anything left. Generally scholarships don’t cover summer, some grants don’t, so it really depends on how much aid you have left and there is a separate financial aid application for summer that you need to fill out,” said Laura Bauercamper, an academic advisor here at St. Kate’s.

This aid application can be found by going to the Financial Aid Office’s website. Students should also consider meeting with their academic advisor before registering for summer courses.

“Since every student is assigned a financial aid counselor…anyone whose thinking of classes in the summer, go meet with your counselor and they can tell you ‘well this is what you have left and this is how you could apply,’ because it really is individual,” said Bartholdi.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if students want financial aid for summer classes, they must be registered at least half time which is six credits.

In addition to physical classes during the summer, there will also be hybrid and online courses.

“We are growing the number of fully online courses that will be available so even if students go home for the summer and aren’t necessarily here on campus there’ll be more opportunities for them to take classes,” said Kimberly Johnson, director of Adult Learning at St. Kate’s.

As far as how long course sessions are, there is one 10-week and two five-week sessions. However, it is important to keep in mind that a shorter class does not mean a class will be easier, as summer classes are much more accelerated than normal classes.

There are many possible benefits of taking summer classes, including being able to catch up or get ahead in coursework. In addition, having fewer classes in the summer, many students may learn more easily with the lessened workload.

It also helps that St. Kate’s campus is gorgeous during the summer, and some classes take advantage of that by having classes outside.

Although more school during the summer may not seem like the most desirable thing, the benefits of taking summer classes far outweigh any negatives and students should definitely consider looking into summer classes.

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