Three simple steps to get in shape for spring

With spring approaching and warmer weather on the horizon, it’ll soon be time to shed the leggings and oversized sweatshirts. Shorts, t-shirts and swim suits will be the new daily wear, and, as intimidating as losing the layers can be, getting in shape doesn’t have to be hard. The Wheel interviewed Shannon Hickey ’18 for tips on feeling healthier and more confident in the coming months. Here are her three main tips to feel healthier and more confident.

“Replace Pop With Water. Pop holds a huge grudge against our bodies as we try to get in shape.”

Many fall victim to the enticement that the fizzy drinks bring. It is the perfect addition to a night out at dinner and goes great with snacking during a movie, but pop can also contribute to health concerns and contains virtually no nutritional value. According to, replacing pop with a glass of refreshing water, bodies can digest food more efficiently, improve mood and also boost energy.

“I like to trade a Netflix or movie-filled afternoon for a half hour of exercise when I can.”

Netflix has a way of grabbing attention and never letting go. Instead of lying on the couch or in bed, switch up the afternoon by hitting pause and heading to the gym. Just 30 minutes of physical activity every other day is a fantastic way to keep the body strong, improve mental and physical health and reduce risk for serious diseases. If leaving Netflix behind is too hard, take an Ipod, phone or tablet along to the gym and continue watching there. It can be the best of both worlds.

“I like to make simple changes in my diet! It really helps make me feel better about myself.”

Chips, candy, baked goods and every other type of satisfactory food item out there is the perfect temptation for anyone trying to get in shape and feel better. It can be hard to pass up the chocolate chip muffin or bag of M&Ms, so instead of altering diets completely, limit the amount of sugar consumed and add in some more fruits and vegetables.

It can be hard to find the motivation to get ready for those long summer days, but making these changes can boost energy, mental and physical health and confidence. It all begins with the right mindset and a positive outlook.

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