Have you heard about Kappa Gamma Pi?

Kappa Gamma Pi is one of the many prestigious honor societies at St. Kate’s. Some students may be familiar with it, but chances are most are not. That could be because it is not an active honor society. Cara Garrett, Assistant Director of Student Center and Activities, recently shared information about Kappa Gamma Pi.

This honor society was one of the first on campus. It started as a Catholic honor society focused on leadership, scholarship, faith and service.

Kappa Gamma Pi was created on June 30, 1920 by the Conference of Catholic Colleges for Women. It started as an association of notable female graduates who would apply a positive influence on their communities. The society extended membership to those belonging to religious orders and to people of different faiths in 1967 and to qualified male graduates in 1981.

Kappa Gamma Pi is open to graduating seniors who are in the top ten percent of their class. The mission of the society is to encourage students to continue on in faith and serving others after they leave college.

“It’s a pretty simple mission in that you, after you graduate … show promise of continuing service and … follow a faith,” Garrett said.

Kappa Gamma Pi speaks well to St. Kate’s mission and it continues to instill that graduates give back to the community.

Kappa Gamma Pi has alums from St. Kate’s who are doing a variety of things. Anna Hayes ’14 is one of them and is in graduate school at Purdue University. She was nominated by St. Kate’s to join Kappa Gamma Pi.

“…I discovered that the mission statement and values upheld by KGP closely align with my personal values and goals, so I proceeded to join. Now that I am a member, I am connected to a large group of individuals who share my motivation for helping others midst the overall search for justice, compassion and wisdom in our world today,” Hayes said.

Renee Crepeau is also a member of Kappa Gamma Pi. She currently works for 3M and lives in Texas. She said that being a member of this honor society helps her make connections at work with others who are also members. She also stated that the monthly newsletter has educational information that can be applied to everyday life.

The honor society is not active, but inductees are part of the honors and awards ceremony in the spring. The St. Kate’s chapter is also working with Kappa Gamma Pi on the national convention.

The national convention will be at St. Kate’s this summer, from June 25-28. Many events will be taking place ranging from discussions to a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River to volunteering in the community.

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