The ABC’s for test taking

There is always that feeling before a huge test that makes stomachs churn and heartbeats quicken. Although nerves before a test are sometimes unavoidable, there are ways to walk in to an exam feeling prepared and ready to tackle it.

Make sure to actually study before the day of the exam. More times than not, scores tend to be higher if there’s a little prepping before hand. Often times, professors don’t want to make an exam impossible, they just aim to test knowledge and what has been learned so far in class.

“As I take my psychology class this semester, I’m surprised to learn about how the brain functions and what I can do to improve my memory for a test” Vishana Jaipat ’18 explained about information she had learned in class.

Reviewing notes and power points, and talking study guides over with a classmate can be fantastic ways to solidify information.

“I like to plan ahead so I know my schedule and can get some good studying in before the exam comes. I typically start reviewing or prepping my notes a week in advance,”Onna Belter ’17 said.

Getting a good night’s sleep is also important. Studies have shown that sleep is key to success in academics. What many don’t know is that while the night before is important, two nights before the exam day is equally important. Many have experienced those late-night cram sessions for an exam the next morning, thinking that reviewing all the information for as long as possible will help, but in actuality they experience a lower score when receiving grades back. This is because the brain and body cannot function without the right amount of rest to reenergize for the next day full of activity and learning. Because the day before an exam there is often a lot of studying involved, being well rested is a great way to amp studying and overall wellness. Being well rested can also improve ability to recall notes, facts and information a test has on it.

Make sure to drink a lot of water and snack on brain boosting snacks like blueberries, tomatoes, whole-grains or nuts. states that these foods offer great effects on mental health. Like everything else in the body, the brain cannot function properly without nutrition.

“I always stock my fridge with healthy options and lots of water to fill up on. Personally, I need snacks while I’m studying so easy things like carrots, berries, sandwiches and such are great things to bring with me wherever I’ll be studying,” Belter said.

Cars can’t drive on an empty gas tank, right? The brain works the same way. Energize it with healthy, boosting foods and the improvements in test taking and so much more will be outstanding!

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