DreamWorks’s new animated feature, Home, is a must-see for all ages

Over spring break, I was fortunate enough to be able to go see the movie Home in theaters. It is DreamWorks’s newest animated adventure, and it is a surprisingly adorable movie that little kids and college students alike will enjoy.

The plotline for Home revolves around a purple alien named Oh who is a part of the race of aliens known as Boov. In order to escape from their enemies, the Boov, notorious for being a race of cowards, flee to earth to start a new life. As for the humans? They are all relocated to seemingly perfect settlements in Australia.

When Oh moves into his new apartment, it is apparent that he is not like other Boov. Oh is named “Oh” because whenever he shows up, other Boov go “Oh,” in annoyance. Oh is seemingly oblivious to the other Boov’s apparent disdain, and throws a house-warming party which no one shows up to. However, Oh soon finds out he emailed his party invite to not just the entire Boov race, but the entire universe as well, including the enemies the Boov so desperately tried to escape from.

Now on the run from the rest of the angry Boov race, Oh meets a human girl named Gratuity Tucci, Tip for short, and her cat who managed to evade relocation. Tip is searching for a way back to her mom who was relocated, so Oh turns her car into a hover craft in exchange for Tip to take him with her.

The rest of the film follows Oh, Tip and Pig the cat as they search for Tip’s mom, evade capture from the Boov, and try to stop the email from getting to the Boov’s enemies.

As far as the voice cast is concerned, Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory voices Oh and Rihanna voices Tip. The two voices make a surprisingly good combination!

The unique storyline coupled with the strange yet hilarious way that Oh and the other Boov speak make Home a movie that will be a hit with younger kids and college students everywhere. As with all movies, Home won’t be in theaters forever, so when you can take a break from studying for that next test, go out for a night at the theater!

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