Soccer team travels to Barbados for spring break

Over spring break, the St. Kate’s soccer team had the opportunity to travel to Barbados. It provided the team with the opportunity to play teams they normally do not and to bond with each other.

The Wildcats played the Barbados Women’s National Team twice and the University of West Indies. St. Kate’s won all three games.

In the first game, Kelly Molitor scored with an assist to Hannah Okerstrom. Ellen Kokes scored a goal with an assist to Kelly Molitor. Coach Chris Citowicki said that this was the best game of the tour, with the team being motivated and managing to start the game out strong.

In the second game, Kokes scored a goal with an assist to Julia Zyla. Okerstrom also scored a goal with an assist to Kokes. Citowicki explained that this game was very physical and that the Wildcats scored early. The second goal was scored with three minutes remaining in the game.

Molitor scored a goal in the third game with an assist to Nina Bukowski. Bukowski also scored a goal with an assist to Hannah Brown. Citowicki said that in this game, the team went into the break winning with a 1-0 score. In the second half the second goal was scored with about 20 minutes left of the game.

“Normally our spring season consists of seven practices and no scrimmages,” Citowicki said. “This year we had the chance to practice ten times before we left, once while out there and we played three games. Now that we are back, we will go into our normal seven-practice routine. So looking at the big picture, you can see that we almost had a mini-season in the spring. This is very beneficial because it allows for a lot of development that doesn’t normally take place.”

Hannah Okerstrom, ’18, was one of the players who went on the trip and enjoyed bonding with her teammates.

“It gave us the opportunity to get to know each other in a different environment and in different situations that aren’t very common…It was nice getting to know everyone more without having the stress of homework, grades, or school on our minds,” Okerstrom said.

The team also had several goals they hoped to meet while in Barbados.

“We had a lot of tactical goals in terms of how we want to play on the field. Looking back on the trip I can definitely say that we met those goals and accomplished what we were working on in practice before the games. My personal goal was to provide a once in a lifetime experience for our student-athletes and we definitely did that,” Citowicki said.

When not playing soccer, the team was able to do different activities, such as shopping downtown and going on a catamaran. The Wildcats also went on a tour of Mount Gay Rum Distillery.

The trip was a great one for the soccer team. The team members were able to play soccer and soak up the sun in a beautiful place, making it one the Wildcats won’t forget.

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