Pros of living on campus throughout the summer revealed

Five weeks and counting until finals are over and it is officially summer. For some Katies, this means packing up and moving home for summer break, while for others it means staying on campus for summer classes. Marcy Lohese ‘18 shares her excitement and reasoning for staying on campus and taking courses over the summer, versus staying home and commuting.

Wheel: What are the perks of staying on campus this summer?
Lohese: When I was making my decision to live at home or stay on campus for the summer term, I weighed the pros and cons very carefully. Eventually, I figured it would be a lot easier to stay here instead of commuting for my summer courses. Living here will make it so much more efficient for getting to class, doing homework, talking with professors and so forth.

W: Which courses are you taking this summer?
L: I am taking a chemistry course over the summer to aid my Public Health major. Although it’s a requirement course, I am taking it because I believe it will help as I track a Pre-med career.

W: Why are you choosing to take a summer course?
L: Although I am just about to finish my first year of college, I am already thinking about graduation and completing those 130 credits. Using the summer time to complete some credits is a great way for me to stay on track and even get ahead.

W: What is one thing you’re most excited about for living on campus this summer?
L: I think it is going to be fun to be around other students this summer. Because it isn’t a normal school year I assume campus will be a lot quieter than normal so getting to know new girls and different students will be fun and easier.

W: If there is ever a time you get bored on campus this summer, what do you plan on doing?
L: I’m definitely making plans to get off campus and head down to the Highland Village and get dinner or just stroll around and take some time to myself. I also want to get to the mall, which will be easy by taking the bus. I hope I make some new friends too to spend time with on the weekends or evenings.

W: Finally, what is your favorite part about St. Kate’s in general?
L: Ah, that is a tough one. I think my favorite part about this University is the new people I have met. I didn’t know how amazing my classmates were going to be.  I have made such great friends, and I feel so lucky to be here.

Summer is typically a time for flip-flops, swimming and relaxing, but for some Katies, it’s a time to hit the books and focus on education. Although Lohese will be studying and going to class this summer, she will still be enjoying time with friends and relaxing in the sun when she can.

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