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Dr. Deborah Wygal, retiring genetics professor, gains perspective through vision loss

When Dr. Deborah Wygal, Professor of Genetics in the St. Kate’s Biology Department, began her graduate studies in genetics at Brandeis University, she was unaware that her scientific passions would eventually converge with her personal health. However, at the age of 46, Wygal discovered that she had a genetic eye disease that would later be identified as Sorsby’s Fundus Dystrophy (SFD). This late-onset disease, which is characterized by gradual vision loss, has profoundly shaped her teaching career as a geneticist. Wygal began teaching at St. Continue Reading →

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Staff editorial: Reinventing The Wheel

This year marks a huge transition for The Wheel. We officially became paperless by embracing an online host and reconstructing the organization as a whole. This came with plenty of benefits, but we are always looking for innovative ways to reinvent The Wheel. A major benefit of the online transition is an increase in readership. In the paper days, The Wheel printed a total of 400 newspaper copies per month. Continue Reading →

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Senior Wheel members prepare to walk on graduation day

Senior members of The Wheel staff, Sophie Shogren and Janet Bishop, finish up their story at St. Kate’s as they prepare to walk across the stage at the graduation ceremony. Shogren started at The Wheel when she was a sophomore and worked her way up to Editor in Chief during her junior and senior years. Being a veteran writer for The Wheel, she learned about the importance of reading over her written work several times. She will miss working with her fellow Wheel staff members who made her job so much fun. Continue Reading →

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Mental health awareness

The month of May is all about mental health and how we can improve it. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), mental health is “a state of well-being in which the individual realized his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community. It is estimated that only 17 percent of U.S adults are considered to be in a state of optimal mental health.” Mental health problems are very common no matter what age you are. The Mental Health Foundation states that, “About a quarter of the population experience some kind of mental health problem in any one year.” Continue Reading →

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Mirror, mirror: Study abroad preconceptions and realities

A common theme throughout my articles this semester has been the difference between study abroad expectations and the actualities that arise. For my final article I want to specifically focus on misconceptions and assumptions about Ireland that I had in my brain before coming here and how my eyes have been opened. It has been my experience in the U.S. that, after leprechauns and drinking, the first preconception that people have of Ireland is that it possesses a strongly conservative, Catholic identity. On one memorable occasion, a friend and I discussed whether I would be bringing illegal substances into the country because we had no idea if birth control was legal in Ireland or not. A simple internet search told us that you can get the pill here just as you can in the United States. Continue Reading →

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The Age of Adaline sure to be the next romantic classic

When it comes to romance movies, it seems as if clichés and storylines are repeated over and over again with new characters; however, every once in a while, Hollywood shakes it up a bit with a new concept altogether. In this case, that movie is The Age of Adaline. The plotline of the movie revolves around 111 year-old Adaline Bowman who hasn’t aged a day over 29 since a strange accident in 1933. After this accident, Adaline moves from place to place with her daughter, Fleming (as her husband died in an accident), to avoid being discovered by others and turned into a curiosity case. As her daughter ages and Adaline does not, Adaline says goodbye to her daughter, a then young adult, and continues on the many years of her life which consist of moving often and changing her name every ten years. Continue Reading →

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Reverse culture shock, returning to the U.S. after study abroad

One year flew by here in Argentina, and in three months I will journey back home to Mendota Heights, MN. I feel bittersweet about returning home and leaving Argentina. This country will always have a special place in my heart. I grew a lot as a person, begun the process of finding who I am and where my place is in this world and learned valuable lessons about life. Just thinking about returning home makes me tear up, because I will finally be able to hug my mom after a full year of being apart, but I will also leave behind new parents, friends, and siblings. Continue Reading →

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Katies reflect on another year and another memory

T-Minus two weeks until the 2014-15 academic year comes to an end. Late nights of cramming before tests, twenty page papers and gallons of coffee inhaled are about to lessen for a mere three months. The Wheel posed the question “What is your favorite memory from this school year?”, and these are our Katies’ answers. Maggie Germscheid ‘18: “My favorite memory from my freshman year of college is meeting so many new people and making so many new friends. Definitely a year I will never forget!”

Shannon Hickey ‘18: “Definitely playing for the soccer team. Continue Reading →

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Introducing the Ask Katie Peer Educators

The St. Kate’s Health and Wellness Clinic has a new set of fresh faces ready to educate and improve the health of St. Kate’s students. We are the Ask Katie Peer Educators and are here to plan fun events to get you excited about your health. We have already put on two events this semester and are always planning the next one. In February, we had Emily Monson from the Emily Program lead a program called “A Conversation about Eating Disorders.” In March, we held a midterm relaxation event, which was a DIY facial scrub night. Continue Reading →

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A Saturday night on a rooftop with MAKJ and Autograf

Despite the unpredictable weather we’ve been having, Saturday, April 25th was a clear night under the stars and also the perfect night to attend The Takeover at Union. The event was held on the rooftop of Rev Ultra Lounge and Union Restaurant from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

This special event featured MAKJ. With a phenomenal list of his own edits, fresh mashups, and original productions, MAJK has become one of the dance scene’s favorites. MAKJ is a true “DJ Producer” that fuses the melodic groove of classic house music with old-school hip-hop. MAKJ has performed at Coachella, Northern Lights Festival, Webster Hall in New York City, and much more. Continue Reading →

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