SCISO’s International Potluck once again a success

On Saturday, April 25th, the Rauenhorst Ballroom was transformed into an atmosphere that made you feel like you were experiencing different parts of the globe. The reason for this being that the 39th Annual International Potluck was being held in the ballroom for all to attend.

The International Potluck is a fun cultural event held each year by the St. Catherine International Students Organization (SCISO). For those who have never attended it, I highly recommend you do. The event started out with a flag procession. St. Kate’s students paraded around the ballroom, two at a time, with a flag in their hand. Each flag represented a different place in the world.

“My favorite part was the very beginning,” said Abigail Mohammed ’16. “Seeing all the women represent their countries, and look extremely proud while doing so, made the event special. It makes me happy to go to a school that is so diverse.”

Olivia Skyberg ’16, enjoyed seeing a collaboration of different organizations at St. Kate’s work together to create such a meaningful event.

“It was great to see a lot of the organizations on campus contribute and help pitch in when it came to making and serving the food for the event,” said Skyberg. “I felt that this year there were more diverse food options, which helped me to get a taste of the different cultures.”

For the duration of the event, there were two giant screens displaying a slideshow of the different countries around the world with pictures of what they look like and the notorious foods they are known for. In addition, there were two DJs playing familiar songs, however, these songs were remixed so that music from different countries were incorporated into them.

The people attending the event included current St. Kate’s students, faculty, alumnae, and friends and family of the attendees. The crowd was a sea of people of all different ages, races and skin tones. The goal of this event is to bring together the diverse people in our St. Kate’s community so that we can teach each other, learn from one another and enjoy each other’s company.

“The goal of this event is not just food, music, and performances,” said Ngoc Nguyen ’15, SCISO’s president. “It is a day in which our international students can celebrate our country pride along with others. We want to bring the world together through this potluck. We also want to showcase the beauty of different countries around the world.”

“SCISO’s goal is to encourage respect and understanding for the cross cultural and international backgrounds to promote unity with diversity and make room for development and positive growth,” said Nguyen. “We also encourage student support from American students who are interested in learning more about other cultures.”

Having St. Kate’s alumnae show their support by attending the International Potluck has helped make it such a special event. This year, even Sister Andrea attended the event to show her support.

“It is SCISO’s honor to have her at our annual event,” said Nguyen. “She told me that she was texting her son, Lahens, because she wants him to perform at next year’s potluck. Sister Andrea told us that she enjoyed the performances very much and to keep up the good work.”

If students are interested in joining SCISO or learning more about it, SCISO can be contacted at:

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