The Age of Adaline sure to be the next romantic classic

When it comes to romance movies, it seems as if clichés and storylines are repeated over and over again with new characters; however, every once in a while, Hollywood shakes it up a bit with a new concept altogether. In this case, that movie is The Age of Adaline.

The plotline of the movie revolves around 111 year-old Adaline Bowman who hasn’t aged a day over 29 since a strange accident in 1933. After this accident, Adaline moves from place to place with her daughter, Fleming (as her husband died in an accident), to avoid being discovered by others and turned into a curiosity case. As her daughter ages and Adaline does not, Adaline says goodbye to her daughter, a then young adult, and continues on the many years of her life which consist of moving often and changing her name every ten years.

When the year turns to 2015, Adaline meets a young man named Ellis who takes interest in her and tries to win her over, much to Adaline’s dissatisfaction. It’s not that she doesn’t like Ellis of course, but she doesn’t want to experience the pain of seeing a lover die while she lives on.

The rest of the movie follows Adaline as she battles her increasing affections for Ellis and is mixed in with a surprising twist when she meets Ellis’s family. Through flashbacks and bits of history mixed in, the audience also learns more about Adaline’s life up to that point.

The lead cast members are Blake Lively as Adaline, Michiel Huisman as Ellis and Harrison Ford as Ellis’s father.

Something that strikes me as interesting in this movie in contrast to other romantic movies is that the cast and crew really try to be authentic concerning the history involved in that story, whether it be the clothing worn or the historical events mentioned, and that is something that can create much more depth to any plot-line.

The Age of Adaline possesses an interesting story-line, amazing cast and astounding attention to detail, which is what makes this a movie sure to be the next romantic classic. Not all romantic movies stand up to the test of time, but in this case, just like Adaline, this movie is sure to be alive and well for years to come.

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