Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Senior Wheel members prepare to walk on graduation day

Senior members of The Wheel staff, Sophie Shogren and Janet Bishop, finish up their story at St. Kate’s as they prepare to walk across the stage at the graduation ceremony.

Shogren started at The Wheel when she was a sophomore and worked her way up to Editor in Chief during her junior and senior years. Being a veteran writer for The Wheel, she learned about the importance of reading over her written work several times. She will miss working with her fellow Wheel staff members who made her job so much fun.

Bishop started in 2013 as a Layout Editor for The Wheel. In her senior year, she earned the position of Website and Social Media Manager. All of Bishop’s work for The Wheel taught her how to work with a variety of people and how to efficiently communicate with other people. She is most proud of the work that everyone has done this year to transfer The Wheel online.

Both women have big plans for after graduation. Shogren, a biology major, will keep her job at Children’s Hospital, where she has worked for two years. Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree, she will begin a new position as a research assistant. This summer, Shogren plans to apply to medical school.

With her degree in apparel design, Bishop will be working at F/X Fusion, a manufacturing company in Mankato. She will work as an apparel designer and a graphic designer. Her tasks will include sketching, making technical specifications, fitting and making ads for the company.

Throughout her four years here, Shogren really enjoyed being a part of The Wheel. Her favorite story she wrote was about five St. Kate’s alumnae who serve as judges on the Ramsey County bench.

Bishop also has special memories.

“Dew Drop is always a highlight, especially so for the apparel design program because it’s always the day before the Katwalk. So, by that point, you’ve been up all night for the past month and your garments are done,” Bishop said.

St. Kate’s prepared both Shogren and Bishop for life after graduation.

“Attending St. Kate’s has made me even more focused than I was before,” Shogren said.

She also credits the school for making her a stronger person by providing an environment where she was willing to express her opinion when needed, as well as make her a stronger leader and listener. St. Kate’s also taught her the importance of working together with other people.

Bishop thanks St. Kate’s for preparing her to deal with difficult people in difficult situations. The school taught her how to have a good work ethic and how to work well with other people, especially in encountering a difference in opinion.

Looking back on her college career, Shogren wishes she took advantage of learning a foreign language.

“I would probably pursue a Spanish minor or explore some other language because I think that understanding multiple languages is something that’s necessary in today’s world and is just a great trait to have,” Shogren said.

Reflecting on her college years, Bishop wishes she learned how to take care of herself earlier than she did, and not be weighed down by academic pressures.

Shogren and Bishop’s advice to current and future Katies would be to “get involved and stay involved.”

“Try your best. … If you look back and you say ‘I did everything I could and it didn’t work out’ I think you should be proud of yourself,” Bishop said.

All the members of The Wheel staff will miss Shogren and Bishop.

“Janet and Sophie are two of the sweetest, most talented people I know. It won’t be the same without them, but I know that they will excel in whatever they choose to do in life after graduating from St. Kate’s,” said Emma Hargreaves ’18.

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  1. Goodbye Janet and Sophie! You two are amazing and are going to do some great things for this world <3