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The inside scoop on ‘Inside Out’

Over two hundred students flocked to the Rauenhorst Ballroom on Sept. 18 to go and see Pixar’s most recent release Inside Out on campus.  They came in part for the free popcorn and hot chocolate and stayed for the frequent moments of hilarity and heart string tugs. Inside Out is a movie about a girl, Riley, and her family who move from Minnesota to California, where she struggles with many complex emotions that come with growing up and leaving the place you’ve called home all of your life just to make home somewhere else. Inside Out was brought to campus by SEEK (Social Events and Experiences for Katies), formerly SKAT.  Ashleigh Ackley, SEEK’s Film Coordinator, said that this event attracted “one of the most diverse groups in attendance,” referring to the general make-up of the crowd. Continue Reading →

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Staff Editorial: Welcome from the Wheel

The Wheel news site patiently waited all summer for its staff to return. It missed brainstorming article ideas and hearing the story of the month, but, most of all, it missed the people who make the news happen: the St. Kate’s community. The site was ready for community members to click through its updated pages, meet new staff members and keep updated with the newsletter. Today, Sept. Continue Reading →

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Congress to make a decision about continuing Federal Perkins Loan


Congress has only until Sept. 30 to approve continuing the Federal Perkins Loan before the program officially expires. The Federal Perkins Loan is a student loan program funded by the U.S. government for students with exceptional need. The loan itself is unique in that it is campus-based; the University decides how much loan funds are awarded to individual students. A student can receive up to 5,500 dollars. Continue Reading →

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Meet the Wheel staff: Megan Bernard

Name: Megan Bernard

Position: Multimedia Journalist

Year: Senior

Major/minor: My majors are English and Communication Arts & Literature and I am minoring in Philosophy! Hometown: Minneapolis, MN (I ventured so far from home)

Favorite St. Kate’s event: Movie nights and the Women of Substance concert series at O’Shaughnessy Theater!  There are a lot of really neat people who attend. Most productive study spot: My desk in my apartment! Continue Reading →

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Meet the Wheel Staff: Jacy Yang

Name: Jacy Yang

Position: Abroad Columnist in South Korea

Year: Senior

Major/minor: Public Health and Women and International Development

Hometown: Duluth/St. Paul

Favorite St. Kate’s event: Dew Drop Bop! Most productive study spot: The cafeteria

Favorite store near campus: Cahoots Coffee Bar

Most visited internet site:

Best place to take a homework break: The gym! Jacy can be reached at Continue Reading →

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