Meet the Wheel staff: Megan Bernard

Name: Megan Bernard

Position: Multimedia Journalist

Year: Senior

Major/minor: My majors are English and Communication Arts & Literature and I am minoring in Philosophy!

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN (I ventured so far from home)

Favorite St. Kate’s event: Movie nights and the Women of Substance concert series at O’Shaughnessy Theater!  There are a lot of really neat people who attend.

Most productive study spot: My desk in my apartment!  It’s a place set aside just for doing work, which helps a lot.

Favorite store near campus: Half-Price Books, hands down!

Most visited internet site: The Vlogbrothers and the Good Mythical Morning YouTube channels– they’re amazing!

Best place to take a homework break: My bed where I can read, write, and nap, but also walking or biking around Highland Park.

Megan can be reached at

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