Staff Editorial: Welcome from the Wheel

Staff members at The Wheel’s training meeting earlier this month.

The Wheel news site patiently waited all summer for its staff to return. It missed brainstorming article ideas and hearing the story of the month, but, most of all, it missed the people who make the news happen: the St. Kate’s community. The site was ready for community members to click through its updated pages, meet new staff members and keep updated with the newsletter.

Today, Sept. 28, marks the first official day of publishing, when The Wheel can flaunt its new and improved format. A quick browse of the site will show an improved header, a home button in the navigation bar and a new format for photos. Along with the design changes, an archive and category search bar have been added. These bars are located at the bottom of each page and can be used to search easy-to-lose articles from past years.

A few new changes also come with some new staff members. Jacy Yang and Megan Bernard are seniors at St. Kate’s, and are both very excited to begin their journalism experience.

“I’ve always considered myself a writer in some capacity, but I’ve never written for a newspaper before.  My time at St. Kate’s is almost up, so I figured that if I was going to try something like this, this school year was the year to do it,” Bernard said.

Yang will be writing an international column from South Korea, and Bernard will focus on any topic that catches her interest throughout the school year. If you would like to know more about these writers, Yang’s bio is located here, and Bernard’s is here.

A final exciting change this year is the addition of the newsletter. The staff created a Wheel newsletter that enables readers to keep updated with all the news posted to the site. It includes links to articles posted throughout the week, and will arrive in a weekly email to those who sign up for it. This service is free and is open to any interested reader.

“It’s a nice reminder that things are being posted, even when readers have a busy schedule,” Emma Hargreaves ’17, The Wheel’s Social Media and Website Manager, said.

With all of these changes, The Wheel is always looking to create a better and more interesting site for its readers. All of the staff members would love to hear any feedback, whether it be a question, concern or article idea. Please send comments to, or make a post in the comment section below this article.  If you would like to get more involved with The Wheel, we also accept submissions of letters to the editor, which can also be sent to the above email address. Thank you for rolling with The Wheel!

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