The inside scoop on ‘Inside Out’

Poster advertising a cozy night in with Inside Out.

Poster advertising a cozy night in with Inside Out.

Over two hundred students flocked to the Rauenhorst Ballroom on Sept. 18 to go and see Pixar’s most recent release Inside Out on campus.  They came in part for the free popcorn and hot chocolate and stayed for the frequent moments of hilarity and heart string tugs.

Inside Out is a movie about a girl, Riley, and her family who move from Minnesota to California, where she struggles with many complex emotions that come with growing up and leaving the place you’ve called home all of your life just to make home somewhere else.

Inside Out was brought to campus by SEEK (Social Events and Experiences for Katies), formerly SKAT.  Ashleigh Ackley, SEEK’s Film Coordinator, said that this event attracted “one of the most diverse groups in attendance,” referring to the general make-up of the crowd.  Huddled in the dark ballroom in front of the four drop-down screens was a group made up of Katies, alumnae, significant others, friends from other schools, and children of Katies, among others.

“Everyone goes through rough, tough emotional times.  Inside Out definitely shows that,” says Ackley.  Indeed, this film definitely has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for the funny lines as a kid, coming from the sweet memories of Riley’s forgotten imaginary friend Bing Bong, or for “Aha!” moments as an adult where you can nod and laugh along in understanding: “What’s poo-ber-tee?”

One of SEEK’s next big movie events will be held in October where they will be showing Minions outside, weather permitting.

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