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Pssst! BSA welcomes all students

Important PSA: students are not required to identify with club names in order to participate in them. While this may seem like an obvious statement, many students both at St. Kate’s and elsewhere do not know this. Like many of St. Kate’s multicultural organizations, the Black Student Association (BSA) is open to all students looking to learn more about issues affecting black people. Continue Reading →

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Strike a pose with TerraCycle

Jumpsuits made out of a tent, a fancy dress made out of a hot air balloon… it’s simply madness!  Or maybe it’s innovation.  St. Kate’s fashion students have stepped up to the plate in a world where “going green” is being valued more and more.  With the help of a program called TerraCycle, St. Continue Reading →

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Federal Perkins Loan extension denied

On Sept. 24 Rep. Rob Bishop and Rep. Mark Pocan introduced a bipartisan bill to the House of Representatives to extend the Federal Perkins Loan for a year. If passed, this bill would have given Congress a year to decide to either renew the program or remove it once the year is up. However, while the bill did pass in the House, it did not pass in the Senate. The bill itself was approved by all but one in the Senate and would have passed if not for Senator Tammy Baldwin asking for a unanimous vote. Continue Reading →

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Frey Theater presents Blithe Spirit

Blithe Spirit, by Noel Coward, offers up novelist Charles Condomine, his second wife, Ruth, and the series of laugh-filled situations that arise following a séance conducted in their home by the clairvoyant medium Madame Arcati. Hoping to gather material for a novel, Charles and Ruth find themselves haunted (literally) by the ghost of Charles’ late first wife, the clever and insistent Elvira. The situation very quickly becomes a matter of wife and death. The smash comedy that hit the London and Broadway stages will be produced by the St. Catherine University Department of Music and Theater in collaboration with the University of St. Thomas. Continue Reading →

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Dropping temperatures call for indoor activities

When leaves turn into their gorgeous, vibrant selves and pumpkin flavored everything comes out in stores, movie theaters can be a warm, stomach-filling hideaway. After deciding to crawl out of the warm cocoon of blankets lightened by an open laptop playing a favorite show on repeat, what movie is the one to see next? The Wheel presents five movies in theaters now to help narrow the decision. 1. Bridge of Spies: Rated PG-13, staring Tom Hanks and directed by Steven Spielberg. Continue Reading →

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Taking a bite out of Residence Life

One of the biggest changes for me since I have been in Korea is being a resident again! I had been a resident adviser (RA) at St. Kate’s for two years prior, and it was such an interesting experience being a resident again. The main difference was being in another country with different rules. I actually live in a 7-story international building in Korea with exchange students from all over the world! Continue Reading →

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Going bananas for the Guerrilla Girls

On a chilly October night, two women dressed in black, donning gorilla masks, walked down the aisles of Jeanne d’Arc Auditorium with bananas in their hands and feminism on their minds. Who is this mysterious group of masked women who wish to be anonymous while ridding the world of patriarchy? They are the Guerrilla Girls (GG). The GG’s promotive masks circulated around campus for several weeks and on the back of the gorilla masks read this description: “The Guerrilla Girls use media and activism to bring sexism, racism, classism and other discriminatory practices and mindsets to the attention of the general public. This group was founded in 1985 to challenge the status of women, and particularly women of color, in the art world in New York City.”

“The GG are a social justice conscience of the art world and beyond, who advocate for real diversity not just tokenism,” said Cormac Fitzgerald, a senior majoring in art history and studio arts at St. Continue Reading →

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Phi Beta Kappa guest lecturer: Professor Hazel V. Carby

Two weeks ago St. Catherine University and the St. Kate’s chapter of Phi Beta Kappa were proud to welcome Yale instructor and scholar Professor Hazel V. Carby to campus through the Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar series. This prestigious program, implemented in 1956, allows universities and colleges across the country to expose undergraduate students to well-known scholars in an informal setting. According to the Phi Beta Kappa website, “Over the past 59 years, 636 Visiting Scholars have made 5,188 visits to Phi Beta Kappa sheltering institutions.” The hand-picked participants in the program spend two days at each of their designated campuses interacting with students and faculty, offering advice and sharing their experiences. Continue Reading →

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Katies break the Silence

Have you ever felt anxious about something but can’t explain why?  Have you ever had a roommate who would spend an abnormal amount of time in bed and you weren’t sure what to do?  Come to Cornbread and Chili Night: Break the Silence, sponsored by MIPS (Multicultural and International Programs and Services) and Active Minds, a group on campus devoted to ending the stigma that too often comes with mental illness. “[This Cornbread and Chili night is] a night designed around how to eliminate stigma [around mental illness] on campus,” said Leah Spillane ‘16, the Media Specialist for Active Minds and one of the people leading Break the Silence. The evening will feature a speaker from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) as well as student speakers and representatives from on-campus associations such as Residence Life and the Counseling Center. Continue Reading →

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