Staying motivated is no problem for Katies

Although classes this year did not begin until after Labor Day, the month of August brings a surplus of emotions, ranging from excitement to dread. How does the Katie community stay motivated throughout the semester? These St. Kate’s folks are here to share.

Amanda Rogotzke ‘18, Nursing: “It’s always hard to stay focused and motivated on school work when classes first resume, but I’ve found keeping myself busy and making sure to keep track of my schedule has helped me stay motivated and push through the hard times!”

Nikkita Ayde ’17, Health Care Sales and Nursing: “Staying motivated can be tricky but, for me, I make sure to eat healthy, get enough sleep and always stay organized. I also try to form study groups in my classes so friends can help keep me going. Another thing that keeps me going is getting feedback and scores back on assignments or exams!”

Sam Kelly, Campus Minister for Social Justice: “I take on new challenges that keep me excited for my work and I commit to things that I can’t get out of no matter what. I do that because it means that I have to get it done!”

A few tricks to keep in mind for staying motivated are to keep track of schedules and stay organized with assignments and school work. This is always helpful because it simplifies busy lifestyles and prevents homework from getting lost.

Try to form study groups or grab a partner in class to help stay on track. Surrounding oneself with people who share the goal of staying motivated and ahead of schedule helps to reduce stress.

Finally, remember to stay positive. One test, paper or assignment does not define the future. Focus on the can-do’s, and plan time to relax.

Many times, students let the overwhelming amounts of schoolwork and stress get the best of them and defeat their morale. It is key to remember that everyone goes through these feelings! With the first month of classes already over, there is only a few stepping stones until fall break, Thanksgiving break and, finally, the glorious winter break. By keeping track of schedules, getting enough sleep and surrounding oneself with likeminded friends and students, this semester can be.

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