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Program helps Breakthrough college barriers

St. Kate’s prides itself on educating its students to lead and influence in their lives. College students across the United States are changing the lives of young people each summer… and Katies can have a piece of the action too. Now is the time to start looking for summer opportunities and internships.  Education majors and non-education majors alike should consider Breakthrough Twin Cities to gain leadership experience and an eye-opening summer. Continue Reading →

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Rethinking Black Friday

The holiday season is officially upon us. It’s a time to spend with loved ones and a time to reflect on how much we’ve been given. Unfortunately, these aspects of the holidays often get lost within the hectic consumerism that begins with Black Friday and continues well through Christmas Day. Stores are pushing the boundaries of Black Friday by opening earlier and earlier each year, running well into the family time of both shoppers and employees. On a day meant to conjure up thankfulness, many Americans instead plan their conquest of store after store to obtain the newer versions of things they already have, clothes and movies they don’t need, and compete with others to get them. Continue Reading →

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Meet the Staff: Whitney Harper

Name: Whitney Harper
Position: Multimedia Journalist
Year: First-year graduate student
Major/minor: Theology
Hometown: Prior Lake, Minnesota
Favorite St. Kate’s event so far: Colleen Carpenter’s lecture: “The Pope, The Planet, and the People of God: Faith and Justice in an Age of Environmental Crisis.” Most productive study spot: My bed
Favorite store near campus: Trader Joes
Most visited internet site: Gmail
Best place to take a homework break: The rocking chairs outside of Durham Hall
Whitney can be reached at Continue Reading →

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Meet the Staff: Rhiannon Shepardson

Name: Rhiannon Shepardson
Position: Multimedia Journalist
Year: Sophomore
Major/minor: Communication Arts Secondary Education
Hometown: Fridley
Favorite St. Kate’s event: Movies! Most productive study spot: Lounge in the Pulse
Favorite store near campus: Target Express
Most visited internet site: Facebook
Best place to take a homework break: The Pulse
Rhiannon Shepardson can be reached at Continue Reading →

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Sorting out the compost conundrum

As many students and faculty may know, a new addition to the cafeteria was made last year over J-term: a trash can. Normally, this would hardly be considered news, but these trash cans are not your typical bins. They are large wood boxes with three different slots for trash, recycling and compost. Despite the Student Senate’s efforts to table and inform students of the purpose of the bins, many struggle in figuring out where to throw away their foodstuffs. It is safe to assume that not everyone on campus knows what composting even is. Continue Reading →

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Fashion for the freezing cold

Time to say goodbye to the light cardigans and pull out the heavy ones, part ways with those windbreakers and replace them with down winter jackets, and store away those cute cheetah and pull out the heavy boots: Winter. Is. Coming. As summer wear departs from hangers inside wardrobes, closets and shelves, prepare to rejuvenate those closets with a few winter season must-haves. First, a chunky scarf is always a great go to accessorize for blustery mornings. Continue Reading →

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Patriarchy, discrimination and rape culture are everywhere

I knew that during my study abroad, it would not all be roses and rainbows. Even in the United States, I know that the Asian American community is divided by their own ethnic communities. Nor am I surprised by how often I am mistaken for another ethnic group—in fact, it has become a fun conversation that I have with people as well as a pop quiz for them if they are aware of Hmong people or not. Often times, when I experience or witness discrimination, I chuckle to myself and am amused at the blatant discrimination and prejudices I’ve seen during my stay. Patriarchy:

My best friend’s boyfriend currently works in Korea. Continue Reading →

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Living in a world where our beauty is defined by “likes” and “favorites”

Some of you may have heard that Australian Instagram star, Essena O’Neill, with half a million followers, officially quit all social media, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat last week, claiming that she no longer wants to live the life of the false persona she created using those sites. She deleted over 2,000 photos on her Instagram that she felt served no purpose other than promotion for products, mainly clothing, that she was paid to wear and advertise.  She also created a website that chronicles her new journey: O’Neill chose to delete her accounts to say goodbye to the person she no longer knew or liked in order to begin with a new life, free of dependence on social media measured by likes and favorites.  She did it in order to show other young women in a society obsessed with beauty, weight, and perfection that what we see in photos on social media is not reality. Before deleting her Instagram account, she edited some captions on a few photos to show the reality behind snapping the perfect photo, revealing that a photo showing her in a bikini took more than 100 attempts “trying to make my stomach look good, while hardly having eaten anything that day.” Continue Reading →

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Remember the college search headaches? Well have no fear, College Scorecard is here!

As a senior facing the daunting task of finding a graduate school I want to invest more years of student debt in, I think back to when I started looking at colleges. I remember sitting in my high school’s counseling center, looking around at all the college information books, feeling utterly and completely overwhelmed. I wanted to truly find the best fit through a truly educated decision process, but there were just so many options and no way to easily compare a wide range of choices based on specific criteria. Sure, there were guide books and third-party websites but not all the books had all the information I wanted and many of the websites were convoluted. However, with the College Scorecard website developed by the White House and the Department of Education released in September, new generations of students have much of the pertinent information in making initial decisions right at their fingertips. Continue Reading →

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